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Falling for Forever by Charles Raines

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 09-March-2013

Book Blurb

Changing circumstances swiftly mould student, Marc Moreau, into a young man immersed in lies, intrigue, and deception. Obliged to take on a restaurant job in Marseilles and share an apartment with a woman in an old convent, he suspects he can trust no-one. Love and commitment are luxuries he cannot afford. Flirtatious by nature, and drawn towards danger and diversion, he has a taste for temptation. Engaging in meaningless physical encounters to satisfy his lust soon becomes convenient and habitual. Yet his life is complicated and unfulfilled. And when two contrasting men cross his path offering far more than he can accept or return, Marc finds himself not only in personal turmoil, but also in an emotional dilemma only he can resolve.


Book Review

Imagine how it would be to live life constantly worrying about what you did, said, or even how you felt. What would it be like to never be able to breathe easy for one moment, being concerned that any misstep will blow your cover and put you in serious danger. Marc Moreau of 'Falling For Forever' by Charles Raines is encased in a prison of deception out of necessity to protect himself and those close to him. His life is on hold, in suspended animation, caught in a stagnant space and time which is slowly destroying him. How he copes will determine his safety and his future.

I felt sorry for Marc and closely identified with his anxiety, doubt, and fear. His longing for a normal life was so poignant. Marc is young and as virile as any young man of twenty, but his options of expression are severely limited; any type of connection is potentially dangerous, so he is forced to go on wanting, desiring, and aching, not just for physical satisfaction, but also mourning his inability to form an emotional connection. It's extremely hard for him to go against his provocative nature and avoid temptation, remaining as neutral as possible.  There's only so much of himself he can offer with all the secrets he has to hide. He's frustrated and a bit bitter about being torn from his regular life and thrust into his present surreal existence, but he knows for safety's sake he must endure.

The fact that the story is written from Marc's point of view enhances our perception of his feelings and experiences; it also puts us in the same position as everyone else he encounters during this charade. We don't really know him either. This lack if information has the effect of making him even more mysterious. Besides Marc's deception, no one in the story is who they appear to be. The details of everyone and every situation is deliberately vague, again, adding nuance to the drama already created.

We are privy to Marc's frustration of not being able to deepen the relationship of the two men he becomes involved with. Nik is as much a mystery as Marc is, yet he's inexplicably drawn to him both physically and emotionally. Karim, on the other hand, is or wants to be an open book and Marc feels even worse about deceiving him and deeply regrets not being able to be as close to Karim as he deserves. The entire story is filled with intrigue, impending danger, and anxiety. The clues are there, but Charles makes us work hard to decipher them. In the end, some questions are answered outright and others are left to our imaginations, which is a very clever writing technique for keeping his readers on their toes and thinking, but may be slightly frustrating to those of us who want definitive answers.

'Falling for Forever' is written in a lyrical prose which ranges from beautiful to mysterious and his techniques for keeping the story mysterious are amazingly effective. There's a great deal going on in this story on several levels, but if you pay attention, you will gain a real appreciation for Charles's style and the ingenious methods he uses to capture our attention. I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy an excellently written tale of intrigue, mystery, sacrifice, deceit, danger, and a surprisingly happy conclusion. Thanks, Charles, for the marvelously unique journey.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 152 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-February-2013
Price $2.99 ebook. $6.99 paperback
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