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Faire Protector (Faire Folk 2) by Madeleine Ribbon

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Fantasy / Magic / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 11-July-2018

Book Blurb

Max’s soul has become a virtual slave to the magical Renaissance Faire, and he can’t leave the grounds. He’s very, very attracted to the Faire’s brewmaster, but Shepherd wants nothing to do with him. Shepherd thinks Max is the reason his cousin got back into drugs, and Max has a bad history—dealing, a prison term, and last but not least, a little four-year stint as the personal assassin of a drug kingpin. For once, Max didn’t do it, but Shepherd isn’t about to believe him.

When Max’s old boss becomes a threat, Max is forced to hide out at the Faire's brewery. As he deals with Shepherd’s bad attitude, the physical and mental side effects of having his soul imprisoned, and guilt over the people he’s killed, he finds himself falling for the sexiest man to ever hate him. But the only way he can keep Shepherd is if he can find some sort of magical redemption for his past.

First edition published by Loose Id in July 2014.

Book Review

“Words of wisdom; battle scars; finding hope; watching stars; warm embraces; sweat and tears. A  beating heart conquers fears. Look how much that I have grown. I'm not afraid. I'm not alone.” ~ Sierra Collins

Max, from 'Faire Protector' by Madeline Allen, is in a very precarious position. He's separated from his soul which is encased in an amulet worn by Jorvik, the Faire's mage. This is done to protect the Faire and his foster brother, Devin, from his role as assassin for a drug lord. It's been almost a year since Max was bound and the closer his release comes, the more apprehension he feels. Max deeply regrets his past, but doesn't expect to be forgiven. Further complicating matters, his boss is still looking for him in order to murder him for failing in his mission to hunt down and kill Devin. Whether Max has paid his penance and deserves absolution is up to the Faire to decide.

Max knows that being bound to the Faire is changing him, but isn't sure whether it's permanent. He lives in fear of going back to the way he was beforehand. He's ashamed of his past and he never wants to kill again. Max is growing to love the quietness and tranquility of the Glen. He especially loves exploring the numerous caves in the area. After years of running, Max enjoys the feeling of being able to stay safely in one place. If not for the restrictions the Faire puts on him which keeps him prisoner, Max would be content to stay there indefinitely. He is not only dismayed by the many rules Joryk issues; but each command also causes him intense physical pain. When his soul was imprisoned, no one knew this would happen. After doing more research, they become alarmingly aware of how nearly impossible it's going to be to successfully return Max's soul to his body.

Shepard, the Faire's brewmaster, is the one bright spot in Max's life. After an extremely rocky start and several setbacks, they fall in love, but even then, things do not run smoothly, except in bed. They make love frequently, with so much passion and fervor that almost everyone in the Faire can hear them. Max wants to be a better man, if only to be more deserving of Shepherd's devotion; but before they can truly be together, Max has other obstacles to overcome, all of which could lead to his demise. Max and Shepherd want to deepen their relationship, but with so much weighing on Max's soul being released and the every present threat of his ex-boss looming over them, it's almost impossible to think about a future.

Madeline has created an excellent sequel full of excitement, angst, and desire. Her lyrical descriptions of the Glen presents it as such a fantastic place, that anyone would want to live there. Even with the brutality, danger, and suspense, Madeline manages to insinuate a passionate romance; part of Max's reward for putting his old life behind him. There are lots of life lessons in the tale as well—do not judge people, the importance of friends, and having to pay for your misdeeds—while also promoting the idea that everyone can be forgiven if they honestly repent and change their behavior. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a complex, imaginative paranormal read with the Faire as a character and protector of its residents. Thank you, Madeline, for the intense, thoughtful, and entertaining story.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 260 pages/90000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-May-2018
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