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Faire Fugitive by Madeleine Ribbon at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Fantasy / Magic / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 22-July-2013

Book Blurb

Devin visits the Renaissance Faire with one goal in mind: to pickpocket enough money for another cross-country dash. His would-be killer is on his tail again, and he needs to get the hell out of town. Once inside the gates, he finds himself under the scrutiny of Ezra, the handsome bartender. But Devin is on a mission, and while he relieves the costumed masses of their money, he also steals a magical amulet from a seemingly-abandoned jewelry case.

An amulet that happens to be Ezra's.

Devin's hunter corners him before he can skip town, but Devin escapes with his life and a nasty bullet wound to one arm. He passes out in his car. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself at the mercy of the man he'd stolen from. A man interested in a lot more than the return of his property...


Book Review

I can't think of a better place for a story about family and magic than the Renaissance Faire; nor can I think of a better place to seek shelter from the world in general. In 'Faire Fugitive' by Madeline Ribbon, Devin is in dire need of a place to be safe, literally, because someone is trying to kill him, and figuratively, because he desperately needs some permanence in his life.

When Devin shows up at the Faire with a gunshot wound, the residents (rennies) decide to give him shelter. Devin can't understand why they would protect him when they'd found out he was stealing from them the last time he was at the Faire. Little does he know that the amulet he stole was made specifically to protect him. He's grateful, but confused. He's never had anyone treat him with kindness without them expecting something in return. Devin actually thinks this group of misfits is crazy and he keeps waiting for their concern to change, especially in Ezra's case; but the rennies' support continues to grow stronger. When they find out why he's running, they decide to help him take care of Max, his former foster brother, who has been pursuing Devin and the man who shot him. Devin has never had a feeling of belonging and family like these people show him. Slowly, but surely, he not only falls in love with Ezra, but he also begins to realize that the magic there is real.

Ezra is the amulet maker. He's been alone for years, but when he meets Devin, he feels an instant connection and decides that he wants Devin to share his life. He takes Devin in and cares for him while he's recovering. He shows Devin around the Faire and explains the people and the Faire itself to him. Ezra knows Devin is skeptical about the people and the magic that happens all around him. He also knows that, after all the years of running, the idea of staying in one place is almost inconceivable to Devin, but Ezra hopes that he will grow to feel like Ezra does and want to stay. Ezra shows incredible self-control and patience with Devin as he works out his demons, all the while quietly loving him. Ezra rallies the aid of the entire community in helping to calm Devin's fears and showing him that everyone there has a past and are at the Faire for a reason. They also help demonstrate the sense of family and closeness which Devin sees, but has a difficult time believing.

This story is a very good representation of how Renaissance Faires operate. There is something inherently magical about them and a person can take refuge in the colors, sights, sounds, and general atmosphere. Most of the rennies I've known are a bit mysterious and, in their own way, are outcasts of society, who function in an individual, unique way, but have a sense of family and draw together in a crisis to form a united front. As for the real magic, I happen to think that it exists in the Faire atmosphere. People become different when they walk through those gates and, for a while at least, they can enjoy themselves and be happy. My favorite scene in the story is when the Faire leaves for the glen. Anyone who has been to a Faire on the last day, has witnessed the celebration, yet the bittersweetness of it on closing day. In a way, what happened in this book, happens in the real world. Everyone gathers at the front, drums are beating, people are singing and dancing and everyone is partying. Then there comes the time when everything in the Faire is shut down; people who are not full-time rennies go around hugging each other and the full-time rennies, saying good-bye and wishing them well until they return the next year.

I'd recommend this story to everyone who enjoys the Renaissance Faire, magic, and the fact that family doesn't always need to involve blood relationships. Thanks, Madeline, for the wonderful adventure and for invoking some great memories for me.






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