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Facing Fears (Kiss of Leather 7) by Morticia Knight at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Interracial / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 15-July-2017

Book Blurb

As the men at Kiss of Leather celebrate the resolution of the case of Corey’s kidnappers, Master Hunter worries that he’ll never see Tobey again.

Chuck isn’t about to let one of the key figures behind Corey’s kidnapping get away from him again. Everything he and Stone have discovered through their months-long investigation is about to come together. However, when Chuck follows the suspect to a shipyard, it’s not only his own life that’s in danger.


Master Hunter is officially part-owner of Kiss of Leather, so he’s thrilled to raise a toast in celebration now that the mystery of Corey’s kidnapping has been solved. However, he can’t help but feel left out. Everyone is paired up except for him. He’s never believed in monogamy before, but after Tobey unexpectedly left Kiss of Leather and no one knows where he’s gone, did Hunter make a horrible mistake by not sharing his true feelings?


Tobey has been miserable ever since leaving West Hollywood and going back to Idaho. After breaking his own promise to himself by falling in love with his trainer, Tobey impulsively left Kiss of Leather because of something awful Master Hunter said. But things at home are worse than ever and he’s come to realize that those who are related to him by blood aren’t necessarily his true family. The only place he’s ever felt he truly belonged was at Kiss of Leather.


Tobey has to face Hunter if he goes back to Kiss of Leather and Hunter has to figure out what he really wants from life and love. It takes a charity slave auction to show them what they’ve both been too stubborn to see.


Book Review

It takes something pretty special to keep my attention through seven books in a series, and Morticia Knight has more than accomplished that with her ‘Kiss of Leather’ novels. I have fallen for many men in these books and suffered with them through their pain. At the end of the previous installment, I was horrified to see Chuck take off, alone, and follow Warren in hopes of finally catching one of the men behind the slavery ring, and possibly busting everything wide open. Needless to say, as usual, the author began this book right back there with Neal and Liam, Liam being abducted by Warren, and Chuck tailing the van. Definitely started off with a bang!

I loved it that the whole situation that has been following these men, i.e. the slave trade, got resolved fairly quickly, quietly, and none of my men got hurt. It also allowed me to focus on Tobey and Hunter. Tobey ran back home to Idaho after something Hunter said, but home is still as horrible as it was when he came out to them, although this time, at least, his dad didn't beat him half to death. It doesn't take Tobey long to realize his family and his true home are in LA and at Kiss of Leather. Now, if he can just try to work with Hunter and have as few interactions as possible, all will be well.

“The truth of what Tobey’s loss meant to him had been an agony ever since he’d disappeared. Hunter hadn’t slept well, had done all that he could to keep himself from facing the reality of how badly he’d fucked up.”

Master Hunter is really bad at communication. Really, really, really bad at it. He despises having to express his feelings because he knows he's going to screw it up somehow. So, it was a delight to watch him actually talk to, and take advice from, his friends and other partners in the club. It was interesting to watch a Dom be so worried about approaching a sub and apologizing. It definitely endeared him to me and since I already liked Tobey, I was rooting for them to work this out.

An awesome addition to the series! I'm not sure if the author is done with this series or not, but if not, I'll gladly look forward to more stories.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 151 pages/55170 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-July-2017
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