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Explore with Me by Kris Jacen at MLR Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 01-March-2018

Book Blurb

The Army is the only thing that First Sergeant Danny Glenn has known in his adult life. From the age of nineteen on, he's worn a uniform every day. He's seen so much in his twenty years but the last deployment did something to him. Danny's begun to wonder if he can't do more good helping people in the US instead of other countries but to do that he'd have to get out.


Doctor Liam MacNamara is finishing up the last of his residency in Emergency Medicine. Now's the tough part, which offer to accept. He could stay in New Orleans where shifts are never dull or choose to uproot and experience somewhere different. College followed by medical school and then residency are the only things he's known since he was eighteen. There's got to be more out there, right?


Can a retired first sergeant and a brand-new doctor balance each other enough to explore their options together?


Book Review

I had a very sneaky feeling the author wasn’t going to be able to resist writing a story for Liam and Danny. Certainly not after she had them dance together at Jeff and Scott’s wedding even though Jeff has always considered Danny to be straight. This all happened near the end of ‘Wait for Me’, Kris Jacen’s debut novel, and it would appear she’s continuing in the same world with ‘Explore With Me’ as Liam is Jeff’s brother and Danny is part of the heptad - Jeff, Danny, and five other men all in the military, and all having known each other practically from Basic. So, I’m going to enjoy reading Liam and Danny’s tale.

Danny doesn’t like labels and tends to be interested in the person versus the gender. He’s also not one for meaningless sex which considering he’s always been like this, must have gotten him some ribbing in the military in his younger days. He’s now in his forties and a First Sergeant in the Army so he doesn’t endure a lot of ribbing except from the rest of the heptad. Liam is definitely gay, definitely attracted to older men, and seriously trying to convince himself that Jeff’s buddy isn’t flirting with him. Liam is too busy for a relationship. Hell, he just got off of a thirty-six-hour shift in the ER! But neither man can deny they find the other intriguing and certainly attractive.

I really enjoyed the slow-burn romance between Liam and Danny. Much like with Jeff and Scott’s story, I felt that the author really stuck with reality when it came to these men falling in love and making decisions about their careers and futures. I liked revisiting areas of the country I have lived in and military bases I’ve visited. Once again, I loved seeing the heptad in all of their glory, and watching their friendships makes me smile. The couple of kid and dog moments were pretty freaking adorable, too.

Other than a few inconsistencies and editing errors in what is only the author’s second novella, this is another wonderful tale. I’m very proud of her and what she has done. I look forward to more stories in this universe because honestly? Siah needs a story. Just saying.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 43000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-February-2018
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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