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Ethan (True 1) by Rowan McBride at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Shifters / Interspecies / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-September-2017

Book Blurb

Ethan is a shapeshifter whose life force is rooted in the ability to love. When he is cast aside by his mate of six years, he has one cycle of the moon to find a new one. If he does, he is reborn. If he doesn't...

He dies.

Brendan isn't going to let him die.

Note: This story was previously published under the title 'Tales of the Novahn: True'

Book Review

They say “the shorter the better” about many things, but I rarely apply it to a story I read and love as much as 'Ethan'. Usually I want to find out more about worlds and characters I like – and don’t get me wrong, I wanted more about Ethan and Brandon as well. But somehow the author managed to write the story just right: with enough details for me to understand what the Novahn are all about and how they interact with humans, and with just about enough information about Ethan and his problem. I think it’s an amazing feat to put this much worldbuilding and character development in such a short book, and as a result it felt longer than its number of pages.

The Novahn are a somewhat mysterious species who live on Earth, unknown by humans. They have special rules about their interactions, always have to mate with a human partner despite their special needs to be closer to a mate than most humans are comfortable with, and if they are not mated and in love, they die. Quite a challenge, as Ethan finds out, since humans have a tendency to break up - something unheard of in Novahn culture. There are a few more interesting nuggets of information in this story, but I’ll let you find out about them yourself.

So when Ethan’s lover of six years, the man Ethan thought was his “forever”, breaks up with him, it is a huge blow. Ethan still loves the ex and has no interest in finding someone else to mate with in the thirty days or so he has before he dies. He is literally at death’s door when Brandon finds him – and what happens next is amazing on more than one level.

If you like your stories with a big side of suspense on top of their very sweet nature, if you believe in the power of passion and love, and if you’re looking for an imaginative story with unusual aliens and a strong message of “love conquers all”, then you will probably like this story as much as I do. I absolutely adore it!





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Publication Date 29-August-2017
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