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Enslaved by a Hero (Sold! 7) by Anitra Lynn McLeod at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Other Planets / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 10-April-2013

Book Blurb

He wasn’t what he seemed…

As a chronic worrier, Jodi Weiss has plenty to occupy his mind when he’s abducted, sold, then given to a massive alien with a brutal appearance. Convinced he’ll be used and tossed aside, Jodi is floored when he suspects that Sevaleth doesn’t have any more experience with sex than he does.

Since all Sevaleth Oluwen has known is war, he’s at loose ends when he retires, but then he sees Jodi. Instantly smitten, Sevaleth doesn’t want Jodi in his bed by force, so he embarks on the daunting task of seducing him. The only problem is Sevaleth has no idea how or where to start.

As the two fumble to find their way in the bedroom, strong emotions are sparked. But just when they seem to be falling in love, their idyllic existence is threatened by a warrior hell-bent for glory.

Book Review

The seventh book of the series tells the tale of Jodi, who worries a lot, but solves his problems through observation, and Sevaleth, a retired hero who is supposed to be tough and macho, but longs for love and a partner to spend his days with.  Neither of them have a lot of experience with sex, but both pretend they are 'masters of the 'erotic arts', which leads to some really funny situations. The cultural mindset which forbids a warrior like Sevaleth to ask a question makes him sound as if he's constantly bossing people around, but, luckily, Jodi doesn’t only listen with his ears.

Jodi is a likeable guy who makes friends easily. He cares about people, and fears the worst when he is abducted then sold. Even before he meets his new master, a fearsome warrior from the plane Girakor, he collects information, but it leads him to believe the worst. He still tries to understand Sevaleth, since he meets him, and that is good because things aren’t as they seem. Well, Sevaleth isn't. The mutual exploration that follows was both funny and interesting, as these two men gradually learn to understand and respect each other.

Sevaleth is one of the most successful warriors of his planet and one of the few who have survived to retire. He is also extremely bored, and not looking forward to getting drunk every night. When he sees Jodi for the first time, he knows he wants him, but he hates the idea of forcing him to stay. So, in the typical way of a warrior he decrees that Jodi is a Girakor citizen (the two species look uncannily alike) , and sets  him free. That, of course, makes it more difficult to make him want to stay. Sevaleth is not one to give up easily!

As ever, the light humor was great, and the cross-cultural misunderstandings and discoveries were interesting as ever. If you like stories about alien cultures, if you enjoy reading about two stubborn men who fall in love but have to learn the 'mechanics', so to speak, and if you're looking for another hot read in this very entertaining series, you will probably like this book.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 122 pages/35192 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-April-2013
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