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Enslaved by a Barbarian (Sold! 6) by Anitra Lynn McLeod at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Other Planets / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-April-2013

Book Blurb

He was a wanted man…

Abducted and sold to one alien, computer-game programmer and math whiz Darin Poole is then abducted twice more before he’s finally given to a vicious-looking barbarian to settle a debt. Considering how everyone wants him so desperately, Darin is shocked when Axoev Shadow actually offers him a surprising deal.

Axoev is the leader of Clan Shadow, and though he’s willing to take Darin in payment, he refuses to strip him of his rights. Axoev needs a way to protect himself from the designs of the women clan members, but Darin’s proximity makes Axoev realize he has other far more pressing needs.

Darin and Axoev aren’t surprised when their relationship becomes physical, however neither is prepared for a deeply emotional attachment. But when the clan blocks any progression of their status, will Axoev keep his promise to let Darin go? Or will Axoev do almost anything to keep Darin at his side?

Book Review

Volume number six in this series continues the accounting of all the stolen humans from Earth and where they end up. Darin has an unusual "career" as a slave, since he is stolen twice then handed over to his final master as payment for a debt. But the alien who now determines his fate doesn’t only want him as a slave, he needs him to stave off the women of his clan. As long as he has a male slave/lover, they cannot come and claim him. And since Axoev wants nothing to do with women, he is ready to negotiate with Darin. Or so he tells himself.

Darin is a math whiz and a computer guy, and for him to end up on a jungle-covered planet with natives living in total symbiosis with nature is doubly ironic. Not that he minds, really, except for the part where he has to wear a silly costume and do all the menial tasks. He also has major issues with understanding Axeov's culture, and the discovery what each of them mean when using certain words, plus the resulting misunderstandings, was very amusing.

Axeov may want to keep the women off his back, but he isn’t ready to admit he is gay - or happy, since the translator cannot find an equivalent in Axeov's language. That may start out as a joke, but leads to the fundamental issue between the two lovers: while Axeov can admit he is attracted to Darin, even in lust with him, love between two men is so rare that Axeov, as clan leader, is afraid to stand up for his feelings. Needless to say, Darin will not accept this.

I liked the humor in this book, sometimes hidden, sometimes out in the open. The mix between cross-cultural discovery and growing love worked well for me, and the action between Darin and Axeov is very hot! If you like stories about alien cultures that have more hidden secrets than you think possible, if you enjoy reading about two stubborn men who fall in love quickly but refuse to admit it, and if you're looking for another hot read in this very entertaining series, you will probably like this latest installment.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 132 page/38875 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-March-2013
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