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Elemental Hope (Warlocks 2) by L.M. Somerton at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Wizards & Witches / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 24-December-2017

Book Blurb

A warlock’s blood gives him life. It can also bring his death.

It’s no wonder Evrain Brookes, newly fledged warlock, is feeling the strain. A coven of power-hungry witches is after his blood. Literally. A psychotic warlock wants him dead. His godfather’s training regime is about as much fun as chewing on nettles and an overweight, scarily perceptive cat has moved into his house.

His boyfriend Dominic yearns for a normal life, or at least a safer one. He accepts his role both as Evrain’s submissive partner and as the conduit through which he channels his gift—but he’s afraid for his lover, and the lengths Evrain’s enemies might go to in order to fulfill their lust for power.

When Evrain falls victim to a plot between the Octis Coven and malevolent warlock Symeon Malus, it’s up to Dominic to rescue him. With the help of the two other North American warlocks, Shadow the cat and an old enemy, Dominic takes steps to get his lover back. There’s a high price to pay and no guarantee that the risks he must take will work out but Evrain is worth going through hell for, even if it costs Dominic his life.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, kidnap, and torture.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence, as part of a series.

Book Review

‘Elemental Love’ introduced me to Evrain and Dominic, plus Evrain’s godfather, Gregory, and his partner, Coryn. That book set the building blocks for how Evrain was the first warlock in his family in hundreds of years, and possibly the most powerful warlock in over a thousand. He met and fell in love with Dominic who is the one unique person who can handle Evrain channeling his power through him - something a warlock desperately needs. And I was introduced to the witch’s coven that wants Evrain’s power for themselves, and the one warlock in the world (out of four total) who wants Evrain and his power, Symeon. So I was excited to read this second book and see where Evrain and Dominic were at and where the author would take me next.

Gregory contacts the third warlock, Nathaniel Alberich, whom Evrain hasn’t met yet, and asks Nathaniel to meet them at Evrain’s cottage. There Nathaniel discovers Damon outside trying to work up his courage to knock on the door. You see, Damon used to be involved - if you can call being enthralled by Symeon as involved - and he had a hand in Dominic being kidnapped and tortured by Symeon before Evrain and Gregory rescued Dominic and removed Symeon’s powers. Damon has a story to tell about Symeon becoming involved with the Octis Coven who are out to get Evrain’s blood and use him for their own nefarious deeds. I’m going to have to keep my eye on Nathaniel and Damon and see if something crops up there. Nathaniel desperately needs to find his soulmate so he can channel his power.

I’ll admit to some disappointment in regards to the kidnapping of Evrain, the loose partnership between Symeon and the Octis Coven leader, and the plan in store for Evrain. It was all a little too rehearsed for me and the villains, Symeon and Imelda, were rather over-the-top caricatures that, in my opinion, were far too translucent. I did love the ingenious plan that Gregory and Nathaniel came up with, and that Dominic acted out, not without significant pain of his own in the doing. And Damon was fantastic throughout.

I’ll be looking forward to the next adventure that these men find themselves on. I may not have been thrilled with some of the predictability here, but I do seriously enjoy this author’s writing, and I will certainly continue to read her works.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 165 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-August-2017
Price $3.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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