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Edward Unconditionally (Common Powers 3) by Lynn Lorenz at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Officers of the Law / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-August-2017

Book Blurb

Edward is on a mission to save his grandmother by using his power. Jack is on a mission to never come out of the closet. It’ll take a dog named Winston to bring them together.

When Jack meets Edward at a traffic stop, his world is rocked—and not for the better. Edward is the gayest man he’s ever seen and Spring Lake is a small town just getting comfortable with its own new gay couple, Brian Russell and Rush Weston. Unlike Edward, Rush and Brian are big, strapping, manly men. But manly isn’t what turns Jack on. It’s Edward—everything about the younger man drives Jack wild with desire and the need to control Edward’s wild, impetuous spirit.


For Edward, his attraction to ‘bad boys’ has been his romantic downfall. His heart’s been broken so many times he’s lost count. When he meets Jack, Edward falls for the all-American by-the-book lawman, but finds his attempts rebuffed and his pride severely wounded. Jack’s straight, or at least says he is, but Edward knows that look in Jack’s eyes—he’s seen it before in other men. How can a man so right be so wrong?


Edward tempts Jack beyond anyone he’s ever met and his desire for Edward builds each time he encounters the younger man, until he can no longer deny it or himself. But Edward doesn’t want sex on the side, he wants forever. He wants the fairy tale.


Can Jack give Edward what he wants or will Jack’s fear of being ridiculed for his choice of a partner keep them from their happily ever after?




First Edition published by Loose Id, 2009. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.


Book Review

I love a bratty bottom, and I really love a swishy, bratty bottom. Seeing as how I really adored the first two books in this series and I'm becoming a big fan of Lynn Lorenz, once I read the description of this third installment I couldn't wait to read it. Within minutes of beginning, I was in love with Edward. "The idea of being on a farm gave him the heebie-jeebies. He was so not a Country Living kind of guy. More like Metropolitan Design. Sleek leather, minimalistic window treatments, grass-mat flooring. No livestock in the house. Not lace curtains, tacky, multicolored chintz, and those god-awful oval rugs from the fifties." When I discovered that the Jack mentioned in the description was none other than the chief of police whom I met in book two, I was over the moon happy!

Edward Beauregard has been sent to Spring Lake by his mother to check on his grandmother and, even though he's thirty-five, he dare not say no. At least, not if he values his trust fund, and he definitely does. His dear, departed father made the ruling that Edward can not inherit his trust fund until he's forty. As if he would have stopped being gay before that! Ridiculous! The timing is excellent, though, since he just had another embarrassing and public breakup in Atlanta and it's time to go somewhere to lick his wounds. So, Edward and his best friend, Winston, his bulldog, head to Spring Lake, Texas. All I'm going to say about Edward's first meeting with Jack, is that I laughed so hard I snorted.

Chief of Police Jack Whittaker isn't having a good couple of weeks. He's not been feeling well and the constant headaches and blurry vision are starting to worry him. Typical man, he doesn't go to the doctor, he just keeps on keeping on. *eye roll* When he pulls Edward over for speeding and the guy gets out of his car to walk his dog even when Jack ordered him not to, Jack is flabbergasted. The fact that the dog and the man are wearing matching bandanas causes a moment of severe snickering. As I said, I can't tell you details about their first meeting but, needless to say, Jack ends up having to care for Winston for a few days. This does not go over well for anyone but Winston!

The next time that Edward and Jack meet…well, Edward saves Jack's life. I kind of can't tell you how, though, because it's part of Edward's powers and that would be a spoiler. Trust me when I say it's very, very interesting. Jack, of course, doesn't want to believe but since he saw it all firsthand he sort of has to. Jack has bigger problems, though. Edward is making him feel and it's been a long time since Jack allowed anyone to affect him. Too terrified of giving up his control, Jack doesn't let anyone close for fear of ending up back where he grew up, poor, white, trailer park trash. A place where Jack was ridiculed and made fun of and where Jack ran away from when he was sixteen. Jack has worked hard to make a good life for himself and he can't risk losing people's respect for a fling with Edward.

Surprisingly enough, at least to Edward, is how close he feels to his grandmother after just a few days. She's always loved him but his father was the one who kept them apart and now Edward is finding peace at the old homestead where his grandparents lived until his grandpa died and grandma moved into town. Edward is finally feeling close to a member of his family and he's loving it.

When Jack finally gives in to his need for Edward, it is hot, hot, hot and I mean incendiary! Unfortunately, all of Jack's fears are still there and while Edward wants to be loved, Jack isn't sure he can handle what life would be like if he came out and was with Edward. It tore me up to watch Edward go through another rejection, and to watch Jack struggle so hard with his fears. To say there was some drama going on before the happy ever after is mild. There was pain, anger, sorrow, hope, joy, tears, and finally love. It was hard to watch these men go through what they did for love.

I've adored every book in this series, but, hands down, 'Edward Unconditionally' is my favorite. Edward just resonated for me with his deep desire to be loved, to be wanted for more than his money or his body, and to be needed. He really tore at my heartstrings more than once. Jack did, too, though, with his insecurities and vulnerabilities from his childhood forcing him to be in control of everything, always. Read this story, read the whole series. You won't want to miss out on these books and the men in them. In fact, I'm adding Edward and Jack to my favorite couples list. Thank you, Lynn, for giving me these guys to love!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 223 pages/74004 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-August-2017
Price $4.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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