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Edges By Darien Cox at Phaze Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-June-2013

Book Blurb

When Shanti attempts to ski an icy black diamond trail beyond his ability, he suffers a major wipe out, shooting off into the woods and injuring himself. But when a stranger who's been watching him scrambles off the trail to help, he meets Mick Paulson, native Vermonter and the most gorgeous man Shanti has ever seen.

Smitten with the alluring stranger, Shanti asks him for date, but quickly learns his brawny rescuer isn't exactly the dating type. But then Mick offers him a compromise. He's willing to give a full scale, romantic dinner a try, if Shanti agrees to venture into Mick's world for a night  -- a place where lust runs high and inhibitions run low.

Through this bargain, they both learn where their edges lie, and what happens when they step beyond them.

Book Review

Edges, or the sudden transition between what we are familiar and comfortable with and what is new and different, can be scary for many reasons. Sometimes what lies beyond them is dangerous, and Shanti inn this story experiences that when he attempts to ski down a slope that is way beyond his abilities. Sometimes the things beyond our comfort zone are simply different or unknown, and we simply don't know what lies beyond. The handling of what happens when we approach the edge of want is familiar differs between people, but, in this story, Shanti and Mick are both willing to experiment.

Shanti is not exactly an explorer of new experiences. He is willing to learn to ski, but it scares him. When he crashes on an advanced slope, he is afraid he might die. But when the best-looking guy he's seen in a long time comes to his rescue, he cannot help but hope for more. Except, said guy is a known player. As afraid as Shanti is of getting hurt, he is extremely attracted to Mick, despite his gruff behavior, and the challenge of trying something new is not something Shanti will resist.

Mick is not the emotional type. He has never really considered settling down – until he runs into Shanti and experiences what it might be like to have an actual date. Mick is stunned that he likes the experience, but he's also afraid that Shanti, who seems to be all about commitment, will never understand him and his past. So, he issues a challenge.

What both men learn about themselves is not what either of them expected, and for a long time I wasn't sure the whole "experiment" wouldn’t make them crash and burn. Passion runs high and emotional deepen as they explore what they are and are not willing to accept in a relationship. It truly is a test for both of them. If you like stories about men exploring their emotional limits, if you enjoy reading about two opposites meeting, clashing, and earning to compromise, and if you're looking for a read with plenty of hot action as well as a deeper message about acceptance, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 29700 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-January-2013
Price $3.99 ebook
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