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Eagle Peak by Elizabeth Fontaine at Prizm Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Young Adult / Romance
Reviewed by Sandra on 17-April-2014

Book Blurb

Eagle Peak, population 596, has two bars, five churches, and a vibe (or lack thereof) that couldn’t be more different than Sean's native Minneapolis. Moving to rural small town Minnesota, Sean must leave his life of acting classes, going to all-ages shows, and hanging out with friends, to enter into a world of pep rallies, pick-up trucks and country pop.

Sean’s inclination for heavy eyeliner, black attire, and surly attitude make him an easy target of suspicion, intrigue, and prejudice in the small town of Eagle Peak. But despite Sean’s growing sense of dread and depression, small town Minnesota also offers a lot of firsts: he becomes the love interest of three classmates of which one is a closeted gay boy afraid of his own sexuality, he is surprised to discover and chant with a Buddhist family in town, and he gets in the middle of an abusive father and his town jock son. Sean’s old life of theater, live music, and diverse friends collides with his new life in Eagle Peak, and Sean is left confused about what he thought he knew about small towns, the world he left behind, and himself.


Book Review

Most of us have been through a rebellious phase in our lives and Sean shows how he feels about having to move to another area. This novel's twenty-one chapter titles gave me an idea of what to expect each time I read through them. Being a Goth type kid, he thinks he has no chance of fitting in and his former life of having friends and fun with other like-minded individuals has come to an end. As a story about prejudice, it has the ability to let us see how far people will go to welcome a new kid to the town, or not as the town seems to be split into two types, one who will accept him for who he is, and those who don't even try.

Sean thinks he will hate the place he has to move to, but with his expectations come some very real surprises. He becomes something of a difference to the town even if he has annoyed some of the other boys at the school he attends. Chapter 1 opens well, and surprises me with Sean's brash honesty on his mom. There are other instances where he is just as brash as I read through the novel. When he leaves his hometown with his mom, he feels how many people he will leave behind, and all the hurt will come through in his mind if they can't make it work at Eagle Peak. As with any small town, he wonders if there will be anything to do there or whether life will be as boring as hell. Early on he meets some of the boys, but it's when he goes to the Buddhist meeting he finds out where his mom wants to hang out. For the first fifty or so pages, Sean seems to look in awe at how lovely the girls are at the school and in the Buddhist meeting, but it doesn't get started with his love interest until much later.

Luke has a deep interest in Sean, but it could take a while before he realizes he wants a relationship with him. For the most part, Sean comes across as only being interested in girls, cheerleaders even, and that makes Luke take a step back. The story takes a long time to get going, but if you persevere with it as I did, it becomes an involving tale of a new boy coming to a small town to live. Luke tries to kiss Sean, but Sean still maintains he isn't gay - he loves girls after all and has a thing for Sarah.

Once Sean takes a good look at his life so far and sees that there might be someone in it who wants to give him the kind of love he has been looking for, he may sit up and see a guy rather than a girl. As a Goth he instantly takes to the Dracula play he will be in at school as he had already read Bram Stoker's classic novel before he came to Eagle Peak.

Elizabeth Fontaine leaves a song trail in the story mentioning some tracks by My Bloody Valentine, The Pixies among others you might recognize that make this a genuine romance novel in the end.





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