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Dragon Touched (Dragon 7) by JB McDonald at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-March-2013

Book Blurb

Being called a demon and given suspicious looks has become old hat for Ashe, depressing as it is. But a mob attack leaves him shaken, aware of the danger he's in every time he walks out of the palace. With no purpose, no friends, and a culture that hates him, Ashe is barely putting one foot in front of the other. He wants to go home.

Katsu wants to go home, too, but first he has to fulfill his duties. The problem is that every time he finishes one thing, something else needs his attention. If Ashe will just be patient, Katsu will figure it out. But Ashe is running out of patience, and the boys are learning that sometimes, love isn't enough. Katsu knows the solution is there, if he can just find it... before everything falls apart.

Book Review

This seventh volume in the series focuses on the relationship between Ashe and Kastu and the changes it undergoes as they live at Katsu's mother's palace. While the love is still there, so is a lot of interference, and the fact that Ashe really doesn’t fit in at all, leads to a major crisis. One neither of them expected, or is ready for.

Ashe has learned all he can about Katsu's past, and the longer they stay, the more bored he gets. He has no job, cannot leave the palace for fear of being attacked by people who think he's a demon (due to his pointed elf-ears), and Katsu is so busy and stressed out "being important" that Ashe hardly even sees him. In a word: he is miserable. When he has had enough, and sees no hope of the situation changing, he makes the only decision he can: he announces he will go back home. With or without Katsu.

Katsu is being pulled into the politics of the court, and since his contributions are valuable (despite the fact he is no longer recognized as a prince), his mother, the queen, wants to keep him there. Katsu falls into the trap of thinking he can finally change things for the better, make sure men get more rights, but the increased responsibility means he has to stay. Even though he can see how miserable Ashe is, he believes he owes it to "his people" to stay and do as his mother asks. When Ashe leaves, he is devastated enough to "wake up" and follow.

Of course, the queen hates that, and sets a plan in motion that will capture Ashe, in order to force Katsu back as well. What a nasty woman! And that is where the book just – stops! The first in the series with a cliffhanger like this, I must admit that ending totally shocked me. It's a good thing I already have the next book on my hard drive! If you like fantasy that focus on relationships, if you enjoy the odd major twist, and if you like Ashe and Katsu and want to follow their loves, you will probably like this short book.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 63 pages/17500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-January-2013
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