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Dragon Hatching (Dragon 3) by JB McDonald at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 13-March-2013

Book Blurb

Becoming a host for a parasitic dragon wasn't part of the plan. Actually, there wasn’t really any plan to begin with, but when the dragon egg hatches, Ashe figures it's time to come up with one.

Katsu's plans are failing miserably. His vast medical knowledge isn't helping Ashe's dragon situation, he's having problems staying detached, and the other mercenaries are concerned about their lifeforce being sucked dry and want Ashe to leave. Katsu is determined that if Ashe leaves, so will he. First, though, he has to make sure that his people aren't killed in battle... something they seem determined to do.

Book Review

This is another wonderful installment of the Dragon series. Now that Ashe, the elf, and Katsu, the human medic, are definitely a couple, their determination to stay together is severely tested. Katsu is still healing form having his arm broken by the slave traders a few weeks earlier, and the next crisis occurs; Ashe's dragon egg, the one he got in payment for helping sell the other eggs, turns out to be a lot less dead than he thought. The dragon inside hatches and becomes an insidious threat.

Ashe is suddenly stuck with a bay dragon that uses him as a food source. The gradual realization of what is going on is quite scary. If the dragon dies, Ashe does, since they are now linked. If Ashe dies, or so everyone thinks, the dragon will latch on to someone else, and kill them as well. Ashe is now stuck with a parasite, Katsu cannot seem to help him, and people Ashe thought of as friends suddenly look at him with distrust. The solution to them seems easy: getting rid of Ashe will mean their problem is solved. Needless to say, Ashe hates the idea of leaving the only family he has ever known.

Katsu is in a tough situation, His theory as to how 'magic' works is quite different than Ashe's; he calls it chakra energy. Either way, he cannot seem to help Ashe other than keeping him alive as the dragon feeds. This is very hard for Katsu, and adding the need to deal with all the injured from the recent battles means he needs all his energy to deal with life.  

The need to rely on each other grows for Ashe and Katsu, but so does their ability to deal with their emotions. Their understanding of their differences begins to lead to appreciation of the other, and possibly even respect. Not that Katsu would ever admit that. If you like fantasy with just a touch of 'magic', if you're looking for an adventure story about faraway lands and men of different backgrounds coming together, different cultures, and if you enjoy watching two men deal with their emotions, one better than the other, then you will probably like this short story.




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 57 pages/15600 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-November-2011
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