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Despite Them (Big Deal 3) by Katsura and Yuramei at Ai Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Yaoi/Manga
Reviewed by Alex on 13-April-2013

Book Blurb

“Brutal men exist and so do those who love them.”

More action, passion, adventure and hot full-color illustrations with Judas MacGregor and his band of raucous reprobates. Gangsters are used to being surrounded by death, but how will the demise of one of their own affect the hierarchy?

The fun-loving fornicator, Judas, has his eyes on the prize…but what about MacIsaac and Rasputin? They deserve a share of the territory, too. Ever loyal Vinny, has his hands full, quite literally, with the tattooed Japanese bodyguard, Cain. Beautiful brothel keeper, Mikhail, is preoccupied by a life changing decision.

What lies in store for our favourite felons? Violence, sex and generous dash of British black comedy as Yaoi team, Katsura and Yuramei, get back in the driving seat, speed down the fast lane and run a few red lights to keep us gripped to the last page and beyond.

Book Review

I have to give a big shout of "Bravo!" Once again Katsura and Yuramei have managed to best themselves, and have created another smoking gun of a book. In this riveting third installment of the Big Deal Yaoi/black comedy series, the lovable gangsters return and are confronted with major choices. Despite Them plunges us into the emotional depths of the gang members and their associates, as with the pending death of Fergus's father, Callum, tough decisions have to be made. When it becomes apparent that Callum's time is drawing to an end, his senior gang members begin to circle our lovable small-time hoods like buzzards in the desert. They begin testing the strength of the young upstarts in an attempt to position themselves at the side of the heir-apparent, Fergus.

Fergus finds himself overwhelmed by his coming responsibilities and challenged by his father's deathbed requests. One, that he off his husband, Hugo immediately, and, two, that he take care of his mother once Callum has died. To his father, the former means get married and give your mother some grandchildren to play with. Fergus knows that killing Hugo will probably gain him additional respect in gangland, but finds himself reluctant to do the job personally. He decides to assign the task to Judas, since he'll be busy figuring out how the hell he can get married and have kids…when he's in love with Mikhail, the male brothel owner. As it is, the Mikhail picture is looking less than rosy because Fergus is having to spend a lot of time away from his lover as he readies for his new position. Plus, there is the question of just who is going to be his right hand man? MacIsaac, Callum's old right hand man or Judas, whom he only recently made up with?

Judas on the other hand is plagued with his own demons. He's recently been beat down; he's plagued with lust for his best man, Vinny, who appears to be settling down with The Legend, Cain. Since everyone around him is hooking up with a special someone, Judas gets it into his head, that maybe he, too, should think about settling down. Meanwhile, Fergus wants him to off Hugo? And since when have Rasputin and MacIsaac been best buds?

Vinny and Mikhail have their secret problems as well. In Vinny's case, he thinks it's a secret, but maybe it's not and somehow he finds himself in a catfight with one of Judas's rent boys. Poor Mikhail is still dealing with the Hugo scares and even if he could share the truth with Fergus, his lover isn't around much lately and when he is, he's preoccupied. These are only some of the troubles explored by the boys in this captivating chapter of our endearing gang members' lives.

High marks again go out to Yuramei for filling the novel with beautiful illustrations. Spirited, original, amusing, titillating, heartfelt and just plain hot, don't miss this smashing third volume of the Big Deal series. The game has been changed and it's better than ever; I'm so looking forward to the next sequel. Thank you, Katsura and Yuramei, for this fantastic series; write on!




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