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Demons are Forever (Elite Operatives 5) by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou at Bold Strokes Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Agents/Spies / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by jj on 13-August-2013

Book Blurb

Behind closed doors, everyone suffers from some kind of demon.

Veteran Elite Operative Landis “Chase” Coolidge’s latest mission requires every bit of her considerable tracking skills because she has to locate a colleague kidnapped by a brilliant scientist responsible for the deaths of millions. Former op Phantom is along for the ride, desperate to find her missing lover.

By day, Heather Snyder works in the New York fashion industry. But her secret life as a high-class call girl thrusts her into the middle of a global black market organ-harvesting ring and draws the interest of the EOO.

No stranger to the world of call girls, Chase revels in her latest assignment, until she discovers that Heather is the one woman who can change her roguish ways.

Fifth in the romantic intrigue series: Elite Operatives.


Book Review

This fifth book in the ‘Elite Operatives’ series makes it extremely clear to me that these books should be read in sequence. Yes! All are increasingly thrilling with selectively yet delicately erotic offsetting moments that are simply brilliant. The primary focus in book five revolves around the dramatic conclusion of book four. Book five then develops several incredible threads that tumble into book six, where I was not able to fully appreciate them as I might have since I read book six first. These books form such masterfully developed, richly elaborate, and overarching story elements making them equal to some of the best book series I have ever read. 

Chase, aka Landis Coolidge, is a wonderfully talented graphic novelist. In the land of operatives, a fit, trim, and a top rated ETF (Elite Tactical Force). She is also haunted by her experiences, her abilities, and her losses. She is incredibly sexy and that is saying a lot within this classy group.

Amber, aka Heather Snyder, is a talented and innovative dress designer yet to be recognized. Additionally, she needs a great deal of money to help support her very ill brother and so she also works as a high-class call girl. Her only client pays very handsomely. Yet he turns out to be a linchpin in the worldwide search for the über-villain from book four. Against her better judgment but well within her emotional foundation, Heather is cajoled and manipulated into helping Chase and Jack, from books three and six, find the über-villain. 

It has been a honey of a ride going from book one to book six. The elaborately intricate, tense storylines, the extraordinary primary characters with their heartwrenching yet elevating love connections, and the pulsating multiple cliffhangers combine to produce a top of the line reading experience. Please, someone make a movie out of one or all of these books!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 384 pages/106878 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-March-2012
Price $9.99 ebook, $16.95 paperback
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