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Darkness Dawns by Zakarrie Clarke at MLR Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Disability / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-February-2019

Book Blurb

Darkness Dawns is a love story. It also tells the tale of one man's war with himself, brought onto the battlefield of his blindness. Leo Ferrar suffers from diabetic retinopathy and lost his sight two years ago. Unable to bear the scrutiny of strangers or the impact of his blindness on those he loves, Leo has determined on shutting the world out ever since. This is the man Ben meets on his first day at work as Mr Ferrar's care assistant.

A former heroin addict, Ben was sentenced to six months community service as punishment for his crimes by a judge entitled to condemn him to a seven-year stretch. Far too charming for his own welfare, Ben soon proves unaccountably brilliant at 'bulldozing the blind'.

When fate sees fit to dispatch Ben to the home of the man he has internally dubbed Mr Ferrarcious; it is with the words of the last five unfortunates who'd dared darken Leo's doorway ringing in his ears.

A door that is opened by a man who might be Lord Byron himself. Drop dead gorgeous and as hot as hell, Leo Ferrar has the most beautiful eyes Ben has ever seen.

Never has an irony seemed so cruel. Nor fate so fortuitous.

Book Review

“If you're brave enough to get through the darkness then you shall shine in the light.” ~ Matthew Donnelly

No matter what happens in our lives, we still have the choice either, to wallow in our sorrow, or make the best of the situation. Leo, of ‘Darkness Dawns’ by Zakarrie Clarke, loses his sight to retinopathy, takes a situation that would be difficult for anyone, and prolongs his agony by his inability to accept his misfortune. Instead of doing what he needs to do to deal with it, he hides from the world, trying hard to ignore his plight. It takes Ben, a young man sent to assist Leo with his daily needs, to help him see that the absence of light in his life is not so much caused by his lack of vision, but by the lack of faith in his ability to deal without it.

Considering all that Ben has heard about Leo, Ben nicknames him Mr. Ferraocious, because he has terrorized everyone who has been sent to help him. Ben is more than a little anxious about meeting him. When Leo answers the door, Ben is amazed to find that Leo is nothing like he expects him to be and is quickly enthralled. Either out of nervousness or because that’s merely who he is, Ben greets Leo with an ongoing stream of consciousness, giving Leo a headache. When Leo asks, Ben tells him about his recent caregiving experience with an extremely unconventional older lady who has just died. Ben misses her and regales Leo with tales of their adventures together. Listening to him, Leo has to wonder if Ben’s former client was quite as exceptional before Ben came to care for her, or if part of her eccentricity was, indeed, caused by Ben’s presence.

Leo is fed up with people either feeling sorry for him because of his condition, or being condescending, uncomfortable, or treating him like glass. Leo is angry at his circumstances and, instead of learning how to manage in his new situation, e.g., learning Braille, the manner in which people treat him makes him even more determined not to put himself out there. Leo would rather stay home, feel sorry for himself and be miserable, than having to face what he considers to be humiliation and failure.

Ben can see what Leo is doing and why, but, at the same time, he knows he has to win Leo’s trust and prove to him that Ben doesn’t pity him. Instead of handling him with the same kid gloves as everyone else, Ben goes out of his way to prove to Leo that he is perfectly capable of breaking out of his self-imposed isolation, and find hope and self-confidence again. Ben also knows that it is not going to be an easy task.

I was expecting a story about a man who lost his sight to be more sad and anxiety ridden, but Zakarrie managed to take the situation and turn it around with humor and profound insight. Without Ben, Leo would have wasted away in self-loathing, fear, and darkness. Instead of that, Ben managed to show Leo that, although his life has changed, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Ben brought encouragement, humor, and love back into his life. By doing so, Ben helps Leo to find the courage to have more in life than he thought he ever could again. Thanks, Zakarrie, for giving me a story of hope, spiced with hotness and humor. I can hardly wait to see what happens with these special men in the second book in the series.





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