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Contact Sport by Anna Butler at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / New Adult / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 22-June-2013

Book Blurb

Jamie Connor is a charming and sexy star college hockey player. He’s not the sort of man to be dazzled by someone who speaks in long mathematical formulas and worries about strategic thinking. At least, he wasn’t that sort of man until the college dean agrees to a scrimmage match with the nerds of the Blaine Strategic Institute, and Matt Blaine, son of the founder, captains the other side. In a sport where full body checks are a legitimate play, Jamie’s taken by surprise at just how much the King of Cool wants the King of Geeks.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Daily Dose package "Make a Play".

Book Review

A pre-season scrimmage game has been set up between Division 1 champions and some unknown nerds. Well, they are elite nerds from the Blaine Strategic Institute college group recently established at the edge of an unnamed college. Jamie wails to his pal Ned, however, that they are practically pro hockey players and yet they have to go against some dorks with zits? And so the name-calling went on and on like so much textbook stereotyping, that I was somewhat embarrassed on Jamie’s behalf. Ned was a major saving grace even though he could not put a cork in Jamie. I was very pleasantly surprised by the unexpected hot hookup that took place after the competition. Plus, the competition itself was also quite entertaining.

Jamie Connor is clearly a hockey star and a drool worthy young man who has both women and men falling all over him. He is also a rather good student who does a pretty good job of hiding his brilliance under a smoke screen of ego and self-congratulations. It might serve him better if he learned to put a sock in his gorgeous mouth from time to time. When not ranting or if things are going a tad slow, he whips out the college magazine with him emblazoned across the cover. He basks in the glory of being “the King Cool Kid”.

Ned Williams is Jamie’s hockey teammate and steadying influence that even works sometimes. He is calm, even tempered, will let Jamie go on and on. As his best friend, he is off-limits as an object a lover for Jamie…not that Jamie hasn’t tried. I adored Ned and was delighted he could handle things as Jamie blathered on. His calm demeanor only served to showcase how outrageous his best friend could be sometimes.

As Jamie and his teammates head for the rink, the college dean, who is completely aware of Jamie’s gambling expertise, gets him to establish the odds on this game. I thought it was rather restrained of Jamie to feel that his Division 1 champions were only a 15-1 favorite to win. However, both Ned and Jamie do sense some odd vibrations coming from the Dean, the BSI Director, and Alex Blaine, founder and funding source for Blaine Strategic Institute as they march off to their seats.    

This was by and large a very fun read and as referenced has a major “hot hookup” in the locker room after the game teaming up Jamie with the “Bee-yew-tee-ful” one as Jamie called him… “him” from the so-called nerdy underdogs. If you enjoy long rants, hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I did.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 30 pages/6761 words
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Publication Date 01-June-2013
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