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Colby and the Little Wolf (Lost Shifters 18) by Stephani Hecht at C&J Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 23-August-2018

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From the moment they met, there was an undeniable attraction between Colby and Tobias. Even though months had passed since they’d seen each other, the sparks haven’t dimmed one bit. When they finally met again, it was only natural that they end up horizontal on one of the coalition’s more popular conference tables.

Just as they are sure there is no doubt they are destined together, their older brothers intervene and tear them apart. Not because Colby is a Lion shifter. It’s not because Tobias is a Wolf shifter either. The reason for their split can be summed down to two words—they’re runts. And in the shifter world, runt equals weak and vulnerable. It’s only natural that their older siblings are overprotective.

The one thing that their brothers fail to see is that Colby and Tobias are determined to be together, even if that means defying their elders. Will everybody finally see how perfect Colby and his little Wolf are for each other? Or will the pair have to resort to drastic measures to have any kind of happiness?



First edition published by eXtasy Books in May 2012.


Book Review

It feels like forever since I visited the Lost Shifters world and I've really missed it. There are so many things that I enjoy about this series and, let's face it, these are comfort reads for me. I'm fairly familiar with author Stephani Hecht's writing and her story lines progress pretty seamlessly. Shane and Andrew, main characters in other books in this series, remain some of my favorite all-time shifters, so I am always excited to jump back into their world.

Ever since Tobias stepped onto the pages of this series, I've adored him. Born a runt, and brother to Russell, the alpha, Tobias has spent his whole life being ridiculed and hated by other shifters for his small size. Even though he's second-in-command, Tobias knows that honor is only because his brother is alpha. Most of their wolf pack resents Tobias for holding that position. This is why Russell and Tobias hide the secret of Tobias having asthma from the rest of the pack. The pack would surely tear Tobias apart if they knew he had even more weaknesses than just being small.

Colby is a lion shifter and he's had it pretty rough the last months. Finally able to shift out of his lion form where he'd been trapped, Colby is afraid of just about everything and everyone. It has only been a year since Colby even found out about shifters, much less that he is one, and he's always scared he'll offend or upset someone because Colby doesn't know all the rules. He is also little, not at all like his big brother, and Colby tries to just stay out of the way. If only that hot wolf who kissed him at the Christmas party would come back. Hmm.

Aaaawwwww I loved this installment! Tobias and Colby might be little but they're fighters and it took awhile but they were finally able to show their brothers that they can take care of themselves and each other. Vindication for the little guy! Not to mention that this wolf and lion were smoking hot together. Excellent addition to the series and I enjoyed it immensely.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 83 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-September-2017
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