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Claiming the Emerald Spitfire (The Spectrum 2) by Angelique Voisen at Siren Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 11-October-2014

Book Blurb

Burned by love once, can two broken individuals risk the fire a second time?

An outsider always looking in, Deirdre “Dee” Taylor has never felt like she belonged anywhere because of her unique magic. When the psychopath stalking her murders the man she loves, Dee ends up in the city of New Furor and in the arms of Jeanette Carver.

Jean’s a dedicated city Enforcer, but she doesn’t know why she’s putting her life on the line for Dee. A dominant, proud, and stubborn force of nature, Dee’s someone to be reckoned with. Especially since she’s capable of rekindling a sizzling fire Jean thought was long dead. Having been badly hurt before, Jean’s terrified of exposing herself to someone who could easily cast aside the defensive wards she’d set around her heart.

If the shadow from Dee’s past doesn’t find them first, the two of them might just be enough to finish each other off.


Book Review

It is exciting and more than great fun to be back in the sci-fi world of the ‘Spectrum’ series, including the city of New Furor. For maximum enjoyment it would a very good idea to read the first book, ‘Taming Icarus’, before this second volume. In this book, the new leading female characters are both spitfires in their own rights which more than ads to the delight. I definitely recommend this. Fantastic!

Deirdre "Dee" Taylor is linked to a unique jewel, a Tiger-eye. Unlike the standard gems from the lower to the upper power levels in New Furor, the Tiger-eye is very rare and practically a living entity unto itself. Yet, Dee and her Tiger-eye are still part of the lower class along with the carnelians and topazes. That doesn’t deter Dee from calling Jean a hotheaded horny emerald. I howled. Dee not only has a mouth on her, she has a delicious touch of outrageousness and a bit of reckless spontaneity. Nevertheless, both the gem and Dee experience a powerful reaction to Jean, a true emerald spitfire indeed. Astounding!

Jeannette Carver, Jean, is an enforcer and emerald wielder. Emeralds are considered below Violet and Sapphire gems yet Jean is completely convinced she is the best of the best. She is assigned Dee's case and uncharacteristically she is intensely drawn to Dee from their first meeting, too. Jean and Dee are a peculiar couple, but their profound connection is very well delineated. Watching them hook up is a real sexy treat. Unquestionably, Jean is a force and not to be taken lightly. With her height, she towers over most New Furor residents and never seems to back down from a confrontation. Wow! Jean and Dee both have experienced a painful loss of someone very dear to them, but they become one steamy hot couple fueled to extraordinary heights by that mysteriously pulsating Tiger-eye. Incredibly endearing!

I really adore stories set on other worlds with very different cultures. Toss in some tense grappling for the precious new gem, super sexy clinches, and internal power maneuverings, and I needed to break out an old tall, cool, icy beverage! I certainly hope this series continues. Intoxicating!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 229121 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-September-2014
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