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Claiming Cupid by Crymsyn Hart at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Mythological Creatures / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 21-February-2017

Book Blurb

When Krampus' gingerbread men bring him a man caught in one of his nets, all thoughts of eating him fly from his mind. Krampus learns his guest is Cupid, the Incarnation of Love. With Cupid missing from the real world all love is at stake of evaporating. But Krampus intends to claim Cupid for his own -- even if it kills him.

Book Review

‘Claiming Cupid’ may be about a being representing love, and Valentine’s Day is mentioned, but this fantasy tale is in no way a typical Valentine’s story. For one thing, there is the second main character, Krampus, who embodies the dark side of Christmas. For another, the world these two characters live in is pure fantasy, and with each of the men cast as a reincarnation of a particular mythological figure, you might expect this to go a certain way. I know I did – but the author had other ideas and surprised me with a rather naughty adventure.

In this world, Krampus rules an army of gingerbread men and toy soldiers who are tasked with catching sugar plum fairies and the occasional human for Krampus’s eating pleasure. Rather cruel, right? So when one of Krampus’s gingerbread generals brings him the news that they have caught a winged being who looks like an angel, I naturally feared for the prisoner’s safety.

Cupid, in this world, may be in charge of love as I expected, but he is by no means a loveable, fluffy creature. He definitely has a very dark, naughty edge – or maybe Krampus just brings it out in him? Whatever the case, he quickly takes charge and the sexy naughtiness that follows is all about domination and submission. Much to Krampus’s surprise he is the one who submits, and that isn’t the end of the surprises either.

If you like stories set in imaginary worlds populated by well known mythological figures who act in somewhat unexpected ways, if you want to know how Krampus and Cupid get on when they meet, and if you’re looking for an entertaining, naughty read with a few surprises, then you might like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 35 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-February-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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