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Christmas with His Omega (A Mapleville Christmas Novella 1) by Lorelei M. Hart at Wizards in Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-January-2018

Book Blurb

All he wants for Christmas is a safe place to have his baby. Santa has other ideas.

When Pierce finds out the couple he is carrying a baby for is backing out of the arrangement, he has very mixed feelings. Ecstatic to be no longer legally obligated to give up the baby he has long since thought of as his, he’s also terrified he’ll be unable to provide for his new little treasure. Almost eight months pregnant, he sets off to find refuge at his grandmother's house, back in the town he called his own many years earlier, the town where he found and lost his one and only love, Rhone.

Rhone has a good life—an amazing career doing what he loves and a beautiful home. But even after the passage of many years, he still longs for the one thing he no longer has. Pierce, the omega who got away. After his family “moved” in the middle of the night to avoid his father’s gambling debts, Pierce never returned, leaving a vacant place in Rhone’s heart until one day when Pierce shows up at the diner where their love began.

All the feelings as well as the lust returned the moment they saw each other, only this time they weren’t two young men with no responsibilities. This time they have a third to think about, the sweet baby growing inside Pierce.

Book Review

I can’t believe I’m so late in reading this Christmas novella. I have grown more fond of the omegaverse trope since I first started reading it last year. It still throws me for a bit of a loop that there are alphas and omegas but none of them shift, however, it’s a nice change of pace to be in a world where this is all normal and accepted.

Pierce lost his parents in a fire and having only a small life insurance policy and far too much debt he decided to be a surrogate father. Everything was going well until the couple who hired him started divorce proceedings and Pierce is now eight months pregnant, alone, and about to become a father. Not that he minds, of course, but with his financial situation the way it is, he needs to stay with his grandma in the only town that ever truly felt like home. The fact that his first love, Rhone, still lives there has nothing to do with it.

Rhone has never gotten over losing Pierce. The day after the most incredible night of his life, when Rhone realized Pierce was his omega, Rhone woke to discover Pierce and his family gone, never to return. Rhone may have his own construction company and be pretty well off in his town, but he’s all alone, and nothing makes the holidays any better when that’s the case. He could spend it with friends, as he has before, but inevitably someone will mention Pierce’s name, and all Rhone’s longings return.

After running into each other it doesn’t take Rhone long to make his intentions known even though serious intimacy is out of the question with Pierce about to pop. That’s okay, though, it gives Rhone time to show Pierce that it’s not all about sex and that he wants Pierce and his baby forever. They were so stinking adorable, I smiled more than once over their cuteness.

I adored this novella. It was everything wonderful about the holidays and definitely involved some Christmas magic. I can easily recommend it as a light, sweet, easy, sexy read with a beautiful ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 106 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-December-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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