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Christmas Angel (Angel 3) by Sharon Maria Bidwell at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-December-2017

Book Blurb

True love's path seldom runs smooth.

Dean Chapman built his life and reputation around being a womaniser. Until he fell in love with a man.

Three years with his boyfriend, Jay, have upended the identity of which he was always so sure. To give the man he loves the commitment he deserves, Dean must first make sense of his conflicting emotions.

As he comes to grips with his true feelings concerning family, commitment, sex, fear, and trust, Dean must accept help, and lay his heart open to a future of possibilities, or risk losing everything.

Can love change a man who doesn't even understand himself?

Book Review

“True love's path seldom runs smooth” is definitely an understatement in Jay and Dean’s case. Their final story takes place three years after they officially got together, and much clarity has been reached about their feelings for each other. Dean is now sure that he loves Jay, but he continues to struggle with what label other people put on his sexuality. I am not sure why he worries that much, but it is clearly an issue for him – and one that drives him into therapy. Jay’s patience is, once more, angelic, and the way he deals with the ups and downs is admirable. Between the obstacles presented by Dean’s issues, family interference, and both men’s undeniable need for each other, this third volume certainly turned out to be as fascinating as the first two.

Dean is the focus of this story, even more so than in previous books. He is confused about himself and the change in his orientation, and to some degree, he lets others determine what he sees himself as. Not a healthy situation for anyone, and definitely not a good foundation for his relationship with Jay. I am glad that he seeks professional advice to help him make sense of his feelings – not the one he has for Jay, but for everything else that is part of a long-term commitment. It sure takes him a while to get there!

Jay does not have an easy time with it while Dean is searching for answers, and the only reason he makes it through is his deep love for the man who used to be his best friend. He is willing to hang on because he can see the potential if Dean does manage to take the final step into emotional maturity, and I admired him for that. He tries to help, of course, but he is not always the right person to do so. As much as that hurts, Jay is grown up enough to admit and deal with that. What a guy!

There are relationships out there that are a lot like Jay and Dean’s: full of obstacles, issues, and things the partners need to deal with on a personal as well as on a relationship level. In that sense, Jay and Dean’s story is realistic and well written. The various stages Dean goes through are a good illustration of what someone might have to confront when they are trying to make sense of themselves. But the love that shines through all of Jay and Dean’s actions was what kept me interested, and motivated, to keep going. Much like it was for Jay and Dean, I imagine.

As for the secondary characters – the ones who have been part of this story from the beginning - there were some interesting developments there as well. First, it was interesting how Jay’s mother turns from a supporter to a critic – I did not see that coming any more than Jay did. It shows an interesting development of her position – from basically accepting that Jay is gay to now being critical of the partner he chose and “suggesting” a better one. It did not make me like her, but it was an understandable step. And secondly there is April. Her, I did not understand in the beginning, grew to hate in book two, and the developments in this final volume made me despise her for her unrelenting hatred of Dean and lack of support for Jay. With siblings like this, who needs enemies? She turned from a somewhat lost to a totally horrid person over the three books and only at the very end did I begin to understand her motivation at least a little bit.

If you want closure for Jay and Dean’s story, if you’re curious what final obstacles the author comes up with for them to overcome, and if you’re looking for an intense read that is as realistic as it is rewarding, then you will probably like this novel.





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