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Cherished Displacement by D.J. Manly at Amber Allure

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Time Travel / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-January-2011

Book Blurb

Mason had always been concerned about his sister’s job as a physicist at Area 51, and when she calls him in the night and begs him to meet her, he doesn’t hesitate. Patricia has been given a special, top-secret assignment—to discover a code that will activate the time machine left behind by the aliens. Patricia has discovered the right combination, but knowing the destructive power a time machine can have if placed in the wrong hands, she steals the device and tells Mason to dispose of it.

Mason heads out in the night to bury the machine in the desert, only to realize he’s being followed. And soon he finds himself transported to 16th-Century London, where he discovers there are others waiting for his arrival.

Lewis Langley, the son of a nobleman, is completely unaware of his connection to the alien race who invented the time machine, but his grandfather isn’t. And when Lewis meets Mason, the alluring man from the future, it will change his entire life.

A love that crosses centuries, ripped apart by time...Lewis is Mason’s cherished displacement, even when true love is worlds away...


Book Review

Star-crossed lovers have it easy compared to the 'century crossed' lovers who are the main characters in Cherished Displacement. I must admit that I was interested in the idea from the time I first read the blurb: I mean, an alien time machine, trying to keep it out of the wrong people's hands, an actual journey back in time, and true love? Can it get any better? But that initial interest was far outdone by the total fascination with the story once I started reading it.

Mason is a great guy who gets himself involved in way more than he can handle when all he tries to do is help his sister. The way he coped with 16th century London was fascinating, his observations made me laugh and cringe in turn. The practicality of having to live in an era not your own were described so vividly, I could almost smell the stench and hear the rats scurrying along the streets.

Lewis starts off as a bored young nobleman who only knows one thing for sure: he doesn't want to get married, and definitely not to the woman his father has picked out for him. Once Lewis meets Mason, his slow awakening to the fact that he loves this stranger makes him miserable. He sees no way to escape his fate, and when a story twist forces both Lewis and Mason to accept they'll have to be separated, my heart broke with theirs.

From the first page, this story captured my attention. The explanation of the time machine (which I had thought might be the most interesting bit) was an important part of the plot, but it wasn't what ended up fascinating me most. The characters and their deep love for each other, the honor they both show in accepting their fate, and the final resolution was what made this story very special to me. Like most of DJ's stories, this is one that takes a look at human nature in all its different incarnations and expressions. I totally loved it, even though I spent the last third of it trying to read through a flood of tears. It was worth hanging on!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 247 pages/67000 words
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Publication Date 09-January-2011
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