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Chance's Vindication (Lost Shifters 13) by Stephani Hecht at C&J Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 10-July-2018

Book Blurb

Sometimes your biggest enemy can be the love of your life.
Raised in complete isolation—Raven shifter, Chance—knew little of the shifter world. While he realized that the Ravens were at war with feline shifters, he didn’t understand just how deep the hatred went until he took refuge with a coalition of felines—felines who sometimes seemed more likely to kill him than protect him from the Ravens hunting him. Living among his enemies, while being hated by his own kind, Chance withdraws into himself and begins to lose hope that he’ll ever be happy. To make things worse, Chance finds himself drawn to Thomas, a Lion shifter who despises all Ravens.
When Thomas is assigned to guard Chance, he’s not happy. His job is to kill Ravens, not babysit them. But as time passes, Thomas realizes he’s attracted to the shy, sweet man. But years of war against the Ravens, along with his own personal demons, lead Thomas to resist the draw he feels for Chance. Then Chance is taken captive and Thomas realizes how much his little Raven means to him. Will he find Chance in time, or will they both lose all hope of ever finding a happy ending?



First edition published by eXtasy Books, September 2011.


Book Review

'Chance's Vindication' is book thirteen in the 'Lost Shifters' series, and interestingly enough, I am not losing interest in this world. I was particularly excited to read Chance's story because it's the first one that focuses on a Raven shifter within the feline coalition. Regardless that Chance's upbringing was completely segregated from other Ravens and he's nothing like them, he's still the coalition's worst and hated enemy. How in the world was the author going to write a love story in this environment?

My heart just broke for Chance. He spent his whole life with his parents, his sister, Dulla, and his adopted brother, Xavier. His parents are dead, Xavier is mated, and Dulla has found a group of friends at the coalition. Chance is all alone, again. That is until Dalton, a lynx shifter, befriends him. Along with Dalton, Chance gets Shane and Trevor, and they're so accepting of Chance that it gives him hope. Now, if only Thomas would accept him, then everything could be better in Chance's world. But Chance knows that isn't going to happen since Thomas hates all Ravens. The Ravens experimented with getting the lost shifters they found to have their first shift early which led to Thomas's brother being stuck in his animal form and feral. But Thomas is starting to feel something every time he sees Chance and Thomas is wondering whether he's losing his mind.

The Ravens begin targeting Chance as a traitor to his own kind and his life is put at risk. However, Chance and Thomas are exploring their desire and, YES, it is just that hot! Of course combine all of this with issues and miscommunications within the coalition and Chance spends some time in and out of the infirmary. In a heroic attempt to save the shifters who were turned feral by the Ravens, Chance does something stupid and crazy, but in the end he gets the results.

I loved that Chance, a Raven, got his happily ever after and that Thomas found his mate. The author did a really good job showcasing the differences in all the species while also showing how alike they can be. It's a great addition to the series and one I liked very much.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 101 pages
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Publication Date 29-May-2017
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