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Caring for Riggs (Love Off Leash 2) by Bonnie Dee

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 17-May-2017

Book Blurb

Love, loss and finding a forever home.

After years abroad, Kyle Skelton returns to Chicago to plan his grandfather’s funeral. Weighed down by guilt about neglecting the prickly old man who once looked after him, Kyle is determined to find a good home for Gramps’s senior dog. The last thing he needs as he confronts his complicated past is the distraction of the handsome next door neighbor who’s been taking care of Riggs.

Darrell Baines is prepared to despise his neighbor’s grandson on sight. He believes this stranger is only interested in valuable things Vince may have left behind. But after witnessing the renewed bond between Kyle and Riggs and learning more about the unhappy teenager who fled Chicago years earlier, Darrell’s hard stance softens. It’s easier to forgive when Kyle is heaping blame on himself.

Darrell is almost too comfortable in his quiet routine, while Kyle has never found a place that felt like home. As these opposites walk their dogs together, unexpected friendship grows. A late night adventure adds passionate fuel to the fire, but Kyle is only passing through so a chance for anything more than a fling seems impossible.

When Kyle’s never-met father arrives for the funeral and Rigg’s health takes a turn for the worse, Kyle’s emotional turmoil reaches critical mass. Will his fragile new bond with Darrell be the powerful lifeline he has always needed?

Book Review

I have a real soft spot for senior dogs, having had more than my share over the years, so when I read the blurb and it mentioned Riggs, I knew I'd need to read 'Caring for Riggs'. Kyle has a lot of baggage from a tough childhood with a father who had no time for him, and a grandfather who had difficulty showing him how much he cared. After two years of taking care of a crotchety old man, and Riggs, plus being the one to find Vince dead, Darrell is more than prepared to despise Kyle.

Kyle is feeling pretty guilty when he gets to his Gramps's apartment. He knows he should have done better to stay in touch, but whenever he called, Gramps acted like it was no big deal, and he wasn't missing Kyle at all. It doesn't matter anymore, and Kyle will do his best to take care of everything for his grandpa, now. The spark of desire he feels for Darrell is unexpected but not unwanted, although Darrell can't say the same, at least not in the beginning. Darrell works from home and except for his Yorkshire terrier, Lacey, he has become almost as reclusive as Vince was. Darrell can't help but feel for Kyle as he gets to know him, and his desire grows stronger the more time he spends with him.

I completely understood Darrell's shock when he found out Kyle had never, actually, met his father in person. I couldn't begin to imagine how difficult it was going to be at his grandpa's funeral. Yeah, it was even worse than I could have dreamt, and left Kyle slightly off-kilter from hearing his father tell him that now they'd met, so no reason to try to be a family. Wow. The worst, of course, comes later that evening, but Kyle is finally able to let his emotions out. Along with some serious self-recriminations that Darrell quickly stops and helps Kyle to see that he isn't his father, or his grandfather, and that change can be made, it just takes effort.

This novella was even better than I had hoped. Kyle and Darrell are very cute in their insta-lust to insta-love, all the dogs made me happy, and I really loved the way the author wrote the ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novella
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-May-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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