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Buried With Him (Unquiet Spirits 0) by Alex Beecroft

Genre Gay / Historical / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 09-September-2017

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Sentenced to the pillory for the crime of having kissed a man, Jasper Marin has been stripped of his vocation as a priest, and seems poised to lose his faith with it. He has always been able to see ghosts but it's just like his luck that the one who's harrassing him now seems obsessed with collecting human hearts.


Book Review

“Should we lose each other in the shadow...I'll wait for you and should I fall behind, wait for me.” ~ Bruce Springsteen

Jasper, of 'Buried with Him' by Alex Beecroft, has his life ruined by a kiss with another man. He's survived being defrocked, beaten, and placed in the pillory. Jasper's life as it existed is ruined.

Eventually, Jasper is released from the pillory, but he understands that he has nowhere to go. While he's bemoaning his situation, a stranger comes by, takes Jasper back to his shop, and Jasper gets the care he needs. Jasper appreciates it, but wonders why a stranger would want to help him, particularly with his crime, but when strange things start to happen, he begins to understand. There is a ghost in the shop that is intent upon getting Jasper to listening to him. The ghost leads them to a book, written in Irish, that belonged to a knight during the Crusades. The ghost had a male lover to whom he swore eternal love; he vowed that nothing, not even death would separate them. As unworthy as he feels at this time, Jasper goes on a quest of his own, one that will reunite the lovers and fulfill their promise to each other.

Alex starts off the story at a distressing pace, with her main character, Jasper, in the midst of a brutal punishment for his crime and I immediately was empathetic. Afterward Jasper finds out that God still loves him and, indeed, has a purpose for his life that involved all of the brutal things that had to happen. As long as he has not been deserted by his God, Jasper will serve him as long as he needs to. I adored the lyrical language, descriptions, and of course, the history. Thanks, Alex, for touching my heart.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 41 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-October-2016
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