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Bully for You by Catt Ford at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Ron Fritsch on 04-June-2013

Book Blurb

What could be hunkier than a cowboy? Not much, according to Martin Du Bois. He convinces two friends that a visit to the rodeo is every gay man’s wet dream, and so the three of them gaily (and I do mean gaily) set off to watch cowboy asses in action.

A visit to a bar after the event gets Martin closer to the action than he ever thought possible, and he meets Jesse Cumberland, the man who caught his eye in the ring and made his rhinestones sparkle. Instant attraction leads to a one-night stand that gets under Martin’s insouciant skin and causes him to rethink his determination not to get involved emotionally. When Jesse invites Martin to his ranch, the visit is almost derailed by Martin’s realization that they lead very different lives. As a flaming city queer, he sees no way to fit with the solid, athletic Jesse. It’s up to Jesse to see if he can change Martin’s mind.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Daily Dose package "Make a Play".


Book Review

Catt Ford’s novella, Bully for You, is a witty romantic adventure. Martin (“Marti”) Du Bois is a self-described “flamer.” As he approaches his 30th birthday, he tells his friends, Curt and Dale, the “shelf life of my twinkdom is running out. And I’m never going to fulfill anyone’s Daddy fantasy.”

When he drags (excuse the pun) Curt and Dale to a rodeo, he learns from an older woman fan the technical aspects of the competition—as well as the bar the riders prefer to hang out in after the show. Marti, of course, has to go there himself.

As soon as he’s inside the door—without Curt and Dale, who remain safely outside—he gets into a loud and wonderfully sarcastic argument with a drunken, homophobic rider. And who should come to Marti’s rescue but Jesse Cumberland, who is not only one of the stars of the rodeo but beautiful as well.

Jesse, also 30, admires Marti’s bravery for being himself whenever and wherever he wants to be. And that’s what this remarkable story is all about: bravery. On the back of a bull for Jesse. Outrageously out in public for Marti.

I loved Catt Ford’s highly amusing dialogue. Marti to Jesse: “You’re hot enough to set a forest of queens on fire.” Marti to Curt and Dale on his chances to achieve anything lasting with his new boyfriend, Jesse: “I’m a flamboyant city queer. He’s a country-boy stud.”

We soon discover, though, they’re much more than that.





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Format ebook and audio
Length Novella, 92 pages/22732 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-June-2013
Price $3.99 ebook, $6.95 audiobook
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