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Broken Star by Joann Lee at JMS Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 13-August-2013

Book Blurb

From the outside looking in, Lynn Feoras seemingly has everything a woman could desire. With numerous platinum selling CDs, lavish homes, and the ability to bring down the house with her powerful vocals, who could want for more?


Alexis Donatella is a jaded SVU officer who has no tolerance for the rich and famous. She has devoted her life to raising her daughter and to the Florida division of the Special Victims Unit. Venturing into a relationship is the furthest thing from her mind.

When Alexis and Lynn meet on the sandy beaches, sparks do not exactly fly, at least not for Alexis. When you add in a rambunctious child, a tragic secret from Lynn’s past, and obstacles no one could have foreseen, it makes for one frenzied summer.

In the midst of madness, is it possible for these two women to find love?

Book Review

A fabulously wealthy, multi-talented rock star and author is haunted by a loss the knowledge of which she has kept from her public. Stunningly beautiful and sexy, she nevertheless feels as if walls are closing in and chaos might consume her. I was completely dazzled by her, yet deeply pained by the shambles and hellishness threatening her stability. Her early interaction with a local police officer and then the police officer’s daughter presented a tantalizing and illusive escape from her overwhelming suffering. 

Lynn Feoras is a current cultural phenomenon, but she has depths and curious intricacies that make her rather irresistible. The tabloids may present her in a harsh and negative manner, but she is really charming. A bit short-tempered on occasion, which causes those who care about her to be left out in the cold momentarily. How she handles the haunting memory from her past really raises this story to an extraordinary level. Amazing.

Officer Alexis is handling a special assignment in conjunction with her Special Victims Unit duties. She has an encounter with Lynn where she admonishes her that it is not safe on the beach at night and to get back inside…a murder/rapist is stalking the beach area. That certainly doesn’t qualify as the coolest of first encounters with a potential lover. I had a good chortle. Alexis is a complex yet warm and passionate person. She is marvelous with her daughter Calista and endearing with Lynn when she interacts with Calista. Plus, she is a damn fine detective, too. Wonderful.

This was quite an enjoyable story with some intricate ins and outs and a solid cast of characters.  There are some well-placed hot and sexy scenes that blend in quite well as the tale unravels. I enjoyed but was a tad frustrated by the many twists and turns involving Lynn and Alexis until they all made sense. Then, my appreciation for the coalescing of all the strands raised my delight level to a very satisfying high. I would certainly suggest you do not to miss ‘Broken Star’. Awesome.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 61620 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-January-2013
Price $6.99 ebook
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