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Brody (Resistant Omegas 8) by Joyee Flynn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Psychic Powers / Menage MMMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-February-2013

Book Blurb

Brody Fitzgerald is the oldest of the fifteen abused Omegas found by Dewey when they took over the dire wolf pack. Now of age, and already having been activated by his old Alpha’s abuse, life isn’t getting any calmer than it was before… But at least he’s safe now, or isn’t he?

Beta candidates Lief and Asher feel like they’re on the edge of happiness, waiting for the rest of the pieces to fall into place so they can have an inner circle of their own, especially now that they’re romantically involved.

Love at first sight it might not be, but when Jaxon sees Brody for the first time, all he can see is his future.

But when Brody refuses to take an inner circle, will they be able to push past his walls or will they take the risk that Brody will never love them and claim him anyways?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

Book Review

Book number eight in the series adds some more new developments to the overarching story, and is beginning to show us the bigger picture of this world. What began in the previous volume with Wesley is deepened here, and all I can say, without spoiling the surprise, is that the plot definitely thickens. The history behind the hunting of the Omegas becomes clearer, as do some of the counter measures that were taken which may now help save the current group from a recurrence of the horrific genocide that has been going on for many years.

Brody is the oldest of a group of abused Omegas that were kidnapped as children. Consequently, the damage that has been done to him, both physically and emotionally, is more severe than the others', and he has a really hard time dealing with it; to the point where he doesn’t even want an Inner Circle. Not that it matters a lot once he runs into his destined mates. It does mean Brody spends more time focusing on his new job within the Omega Network, and tries to discourage any interest in himself. Uncontrollable flare-ups of his considerable powers should help fight off any potential suitors, or so Brody believes. Add to that his opinion that he doesn’t deserve love and is a monster because he couldn't save the younger kids from suffering the same abuse he did, and his future mates have their work cut out with him.

Asher and Lief are a committed pair of Betas in search of an Alpha, and both attracted to Brody. Asher is gruff and doesn’t always manage to clearly express his thoughts and feelings, but he is definitely interested in Brody. Lief is a little more eloquent, and ends up being the first to open deeper channels of communication with the reluctant Omega. I thought the "dream claiming" was an interesting twist, even if it caused more of a problem than either of the partners wants to admit. When Jaxon, a recently promoted Alpha, walks in, the group is complete, but the battle for Brody's heart has just begun. Jaxon is the perfect balance for the other three and while he knows what he wants, he is not an overbearing Alphas. I'm not sure Brody could have dealt with one of those anyway!

If you're looking for a fun read with some serious background and an exploration of Omega history, if you want to know what happens next in this increasingly fascinating series, and if you enjoy reading about hot men trying to figure out how to deal with their feelings, you will probably like this book.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 115 pages/35831 words
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Publication Date 07-February-2013
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