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Genre Gay / Mixed Time Periods/Genres / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by The RBR Team on 17-January-2015

Book Blurb

From east to west and north to south, these British boys are having a blast in and out of the bedroom with the men of their dreams. They’re topping and bottoming from London to Cardiff, living out fantasies in the wildest fells and hooking up while serving HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

With passion and lust the name of the game, nothing is off limits. Throw in honed muscles, high-strength testosterone and an accent to die for and there is nothing they can’t do and no one they can’t get in this world or another.

Don’t miss Brit Boys: On Boys—a smokin’ hot box set, containing 147,000 words/440 pages of unforgettable M/M erotic romance from eight popular British authors.

Bodywork by Ashe Barker
Alex is doing okay. His body repair shop makes enough to live on, he has a decent apartment, life is fine. That all changes when he runs into Graham in a supermarket car park - literally. He offers to fix the damage to Graham’s car free of charge. The sparks soon fly, and the heat between them has nothing to do with welding equipment.

Breaking the Marine by M.K. Elliott
Brandon Rosen hadn’t planned for his final night before enrolling in the Royal Marines to involve a hot stranger and a pub car park. And he certainly hadn’t planned for that same hot stranger to turn up at the barracks in the form of his Drill Instructor, Corporal Will Stewart. In the testosterone fuelled environment of the training camp, can Brandon and Will overcome past pains and face up to what they really want? Or will the Royal Marine Commando School break their relationship before it even gets started?

Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse
When Theo Samuels heads off to film on location in the village of Stoneydale, he's expecting drama to take place on camera, not off. But when he meets gorgeous local lad, Eddie Henderson, he struggles to ignore his attraction. A relationship between the two of them would be utterly impractical, yet they're drawn together nonetheless. Can they overcome the seemingly endless hurdles between them? Or is their fling destined to remain as just that?

Landscapes by KD Grace
Alonso Darlington has a disturbing method of keeping landscaper, Reese Chambers, both safe from and oblivious to his dangerous lust for the man. But Reese isn’t easy to keep secrets from, and Alonso wants way more than to admire the man from afar. Can he risk a real relationship without risking Reese’s life?

The Chase by Lily Harlem
Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company. One stand up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot.

Dish of the Day by Clare London
Richie’s sunk all his hopes and savings into a new restaurant in south London promoting British ingredients and recipes. His best friends Craig and Ben should be around to help him celebrate the grand opening, but it looks like it’s all heading for disaster - until his friends step in to tell him some home truths. Then they’ll help him relax and enjoy their loving, intimate menu instead.

E2 by Sarah Masters
When Archie meets Dan after The Change, he realises there is no such thing as a random meeting of soul mates, it's all mapped out in the stars. Now all he's got to do is hope those orbiting planets stay in alignment and true love finds him again.

Locked Out by Josephine Myles
Getting accidentally locked out of his hotel room on Valentine's Day night is embarrassing enough for teacher Martin Cooper, but the fact he's stark naked makes it even worse. It doesn't help that the one person he runs into is Rod, the gorgeous man he'd been checking out earlier in the hotel pool. But when Rod offers Martin a refuge, the night heats up. Now if only Martin could get the hang of this seduction business...


Book Review

A fantastic anthology, full of "Brit speak" and quaintness.

Bodywork by Ashe Barker, reviewed by Lena Grey
Alex, of 'Bodywork' by Ashe Barker, is on his way to attend a mandatory traffic class when he decides to stop at the supermarket. Since he's in a rush, he isn't paying proper attention and runs into another man's car. The accident isn't a good thing, but the handsome man, named Graham, whose car Alex wrecked, definitely is. Since he is a mechanic, he offers to fix the car and Graham accepts. The next day, when Graham brings around the car, they settle into some steamy, yet emotional sexual intimacy which leaves them both feeling more than they normally feel for another man. But then a misunderstanding leads Alex to believe Graham has been lying to him, and it looks as if everything will fall apart.

This is a very emotional story showing what can happen when one is not honest with someone with whom they are in a relationship with. It's very well-written and I loved the secondary characters; they added so much substance to the story making it even more interesting. Had Graham told Alex the truth to begin with, all of the angst and pain of separation they felt never would have happened. Graham's actions showed his insecurity and seemed like a lack of trust which Alex knew he didn't deserve, but Alex's quick temper; his jumping to conclusions and not letting him explain only added to the misunderstanding. Thanks, Ashe, for the passionate, angsty story and for the happy ending.

Breaking the Marine by MK Elliott, reviewed by Christy Duke
Brandon's only chance of escaping his impoverished upbringing in East London, and avoiding the fate of most people he knows, is enlisting in the Royal Marines Commando School. His last night of freedom, before he discovers whether he can handle taking orders, finds him having a pint in a pub and hooking up with a guy in the car park. Good way to blow off steam.

Unfortunately, when Brandon shows up at the training center the following morning, his drill instructor is none other than Will, the guy who gave him a blow job the night before. Uh. Oh. Will isn't any happier, and can't believe this is happening to him. Will is new at this facility, or he would've recognized Brandon from his entry tests. Now the two of them will have to figure out how to make this professional relationship work, while their undeniable physical attraction simmers, and becomes more.

A very sexy read involving Men in Uniform. Honestly? A lovely fantasy. Thank you, MK.

Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse, reviewed by Christy Duke
A small, quaint village in the English countryside, an up-and-coming actor hiding his sexuality, and a local man just discovering his. What can happen when these two fall in love? That's just the story which Lucy Felthouse has written in 'Love on Location'. Theo is the Londoner, and Eddie is the local man. Falling in love in front of cameras is rarely easy, but even less so when your closets are threatened.

I liked how the author found a solution for Theo and Eddie to continue their love story past Theo's time on location. This was a sweet story, with a very nice happy ever after. Thank you, Lucy.

Landscapes by KD Grace, reviewed by Serena Yates
In a departure from the style and tone of the other stories of this anthology, 'Landscapes' doesn’t only contain bisexual characters (and some explicit descriptions of what the men get up to with the female succubus in the early pages of the story), it is also decidedly not a fluffy romance. In fact, it is not a love story either; the closest I can come to describing it is as "highly erotic with questionable morals".  It is also an interesting paranormal tale that mixes sensuality and an array of all the senses with the sheer brutality and ruthlessness of a vampire's existence.

Alonso is that vampire, and he takes no prisoners. When his desires collide with Reese's, who is human, Alonso's overpowering and heavy-handed approach pushes aside everything that is right and wrong as Reese sees it, and disaster ensues. However, there is an undeniable connection between the men. Neither can deal with staying away from the other but it is up to Reese to deal with his own reactions to the catastrophe of Alonso's revelations and the truth of what he has done to get close to Reese.

If you like stories outside the traditional boundaries of romance and don’t mind some nonconsensual activities and one main character's rather inconsiderate use of others to achieve his goals, if vampires in all their brutality and thirst for blood appeal to you, and if you're looking for a read that is sensual yet brutal, then you might like this short story.

The Chase by Lily Harlem, reviewed by Serena Yates
Threesomes come is all shapes and sizes, and this one has a special flavor. Steve and Robert are best friends hanging out in a bar, watching stand-up comedian Garrick dazzle the audience. As they talk, it becomes clear they both fancy the comedian, which made me wonder who would end up with him. Steve thinks he isn't interesting enough and Robert seems to believe he can charm Garrick into his bed. Then it emerges Steve used to be Robert's sub before life got in the way—and suddenly things get interesting. The late-night treasure hunt through Cardiff that Garrick sets up for the two newly-decided-to-maybe-try-it-again lovers is cute, and leads to more than one sexy interlude while they try to figure out the clues.

If you like couples getting back together, if two men fantasizing about the same third guy sound interesting, and if you're looking for an entertaining read with some very hot action, then you will probably like this short story.

Dish of the Day by Clare London, reviewed by Lena Grey
Richie, of 'Dish of the Day' by Clare London, has always supported his friends Craig and Ben through all kinds of issues in their lives, but he's never asked for help from them. They are both well off financially and have offered him assistance several times. Richie doesn't want to take advantage of their friendships and keeps rejecting their offers, never realizing that this hurts their feelings. Richie considers himself inferior to them because his ambitions run in a different direction. They are both so rich, handsome, and secure that he's not even sure why they bother with him at all. He's merely a chef, struggling along.

When Richie decides to open a restaurant, his friends are enthusiastic and, again, offer him their financial assistance. Again, Richie turns them down. Richie wants to prove that he can be successful like his two friends. Unfortunately, one by one, things happen which seem to point to disaster instead of success. He's short staffed, there are accidents in the kitchen, even the flowers are wilting! Richie keeps trying to be optimistic, attempting to come up with alternate plans, but finally admits to himself, that the night can't be salvaged. When Ben finally arrives, Richie is in pieces, bemoaning the day he ever thought that he could actually manage a restaurant to begin with. Ben comforts him, of course, but chastises Richie for getting in such a state and not letting him help. Craig is the next to arrive, looking smashing as always. Even with both men offering Ritchie comfort, he is completely humiliated by his apparent failure compared to his friend's successes. Then they show Richie how they want things to be from now on, in one of the hottest dining experiences ever.

This story was an amazingly sensual reading experience which also reminded me that everyone needs help sometimes and that denying someone's help is denying them an opportunity to be closer to you. I loved the characters who were all described succinctly, but clearly. I felt Ben and Craig's frustration from Richie's constant denials. I understood Richie's reticence to accept their help and the inferiority he felt in comparison to his friends, but I was also a bit frustrated about his refusal to accept their assistance. The ending was exquisitely described in an extremely satisfying manner. In other words, it was HOT! Thanks, Clare, for making my heart beat faster and my breathing harder.

Locked Out by Josephine Myles, reviewed by Christy Duke
Totally fell in love with this contribution by a favorite author of mine. Martin is absolutely adorable as a shy primary school teacher, who stinks at seduction and is clueless when it comes to flirting. Rod, as the super hot guy in a Speedo, no less, is equally charming, especially when he finds Martin, naked, in the hotel hallway, in the middle of the night.

Martin uses his sister’s suggestion of a creating a "story" about what he does, in order to gain confidence and sound more interesting. Unfortunately, after his first ever one-night stand, Martin would like to see more of Rod, so he can get past his white lie. Well, who would've imagined the way the author put them back in touch. So to speak?

Wonderful short story! Thank you, Josephine.

E2 gy Sarah Masters, reviewed by Lena Grey
Archie, of 'E2' by Sarah Masters, goes along with his daily life, trying not to question why things are the way they are, after the disaster which split London into two. The side Archie lives on is pretty much the same as before, but the other side of the river looks decimated, disease ridden, and dangerous. No one would ever want to go over there. Would they? That's what the government tells them through constant propaganda. Archie's fear is not negated by his growing curiosity, that is, until Archie meets Dan, a citizen of the other side. Dan swims through the murky waters of the river that divides them, just to meet Archie and prepare him for the near future.

At first Archie is afraid, but as he gets to know Dan, he begins to realize that many of his concerns about his life are confirmed. Archie gets caught up in a maelstrom of doubts and confusion as Dan explains that their lives and everything around them are part of a huge experiment by the governments of the world on Earth One. Dan explains that when the experiment began, Archie was on the wrong side of the river and he has been sent to fetch him and get him over to the proper side. It's a big leap of faith for Archie to deny all he's being told and go with Dan. Archie is frightened but he and Dan have established a rapport. Archie trusts Dan, in fact, he's beginning to have deep feelings for him in spite of all the uncertainty. They have what they fear may be their one and only night together and make the most of it which brings them even closer. A threat even bigger than going to the other side is the fact that their memories will be wiped clean, meaning that, even if they meet again on Earth One, they won't remember what they've shared.

This is a complex story with lots of layers: the love story between Dan and Archie, the experiment and all it involves, and the conflict the propaganda causes for both men. It's well-written and has a lot of substance and emotion for such a short story. I liked both of the characters and felt their affinity. I was really hoping that, after finding their soul mates, they would find a way to stay together. Thanks, Sarah, for a thought provoking story.






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