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Bound: Mason's Alphas by D.J. Heart

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Military/Former Military / Agents/Spies / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 30-August-2017

Book Blurb

Getting drunk and trying to dry hump his best friend in the parking lot of a seedy biker bar is just about the most cringeworthy thing Chris has ever done. Being rejected is the most painful.
He just doesn’t understand.
The sexual tension between him and Mick is palpable. It’s always been there, just under the surface, and Chris was so sure that if he just made a move Mick would respond.
But he didn’t.
He pushed him away.
After ten years on the same black ops team, having each other’s backs and being there for each other every step of the way, Chris doesn’t know how they’re supposed to get past this.

Mick is furious. Chris has run away, heading off on a solo mission to only God knows where, without giving Mick a chance to explain.
He’s been gone for over a year.
Did Chris really expect him to take advantage of him when he was drunk off his ass and barely able to stand? 
What kind of person would that make Mick?
Chris has never given even the slightest indication that he wants to act on the tension between them, and letting him do so while drunk would be a grave violation of trust.
Mick wishes that Chris would grow the fuck up and talk to him.

But when Chris finally does call him, all of Mick’s hopes and dreams for a future with his best friend are shattered. Chris has bonded to an omega, and he needs Mick to come play bodyguard.
Mick doesn’t have it in him to say no.
When Chris’s omega goes into heat and Chris is nowhere to be found, things get complicated…

Book Review

A new-to-me author and a story set in omegaverse. I'm growing quite fond of this trope, although I'll always love the shifter alpha and omegas the best. I am a sucker - pun intended - for a good ménage, and having two alphas and an omega sounded like it was going to be pretty hot. Once I discovered that Chris had left and gone undercover to investigate omega trafficking - after Chris got the call that his brother had died, and when he went snooping, there were a lot of people lying - well, I was definitely interested in the story even more.

I'm repulsed by any form of slavery or trafficking, even in fiction, unless the slavery is a consensual BDSM relationship. Mason gets kidnapped when he can't deliver the rest of the money he owes a loan shark, although he took out the loan in order to get his mom the treatment she needs that her insurance wouldn't cover. Nice to see that even in fiction, health insurance companies are a**holes. Mason is a bit older than the other omegas at the brothel and more educated, with a bachelor and a master's in biology, plus two years of medical school under his belt. He's also a complete virgin having never wanted to bond with an alpha and having someone be in charge of his life and his children.

The brothel prevents the omegas from bonding by putting an anti-bonding chip under their skin, which, of course, Mason removed, since if he bonds he'll be in a better position than working the brothel. Of course, when Mason doesn't go immediately into heat, even after the drugs he's given, the boss decides to send Chris to knot him. Unfortunately, Chris can't come up with a likely excuse, even though this is one thing he hasn't done since he has been undercover. He has tapped into a lot of his alpha tendencies, the dark ones that honorable alphas don't make use of, but he'll be damned if he sinks any lower. Imagine his surprise when he bonds with Mason, and Mason’s equal bafflement that it happened with his first alpha.

Oh, the tension between Mick and Chris when they see each other again. Chris doesn't understand why he still feels the way he does since he's bonded to Mason now. Mick knows that any hopes he had aren't going to happen, and Mason is confused about a number of things, not the least being he can sense the undercurrents between the two alphas. What is already weird becomes Twilight Zone strange when Mason goes into another heat with Chris gone and Mick there. This shouldn't be happening. Mason assumes maybe it has to do with the shot he was given at the brothel, but none of that matters now while he's suffering. Chris can't make it home before the danger to Mason becomes too great and he gives permission to Mick. Umm, what? Mick is shocked because the bond trumps everything. Mason assumes this isn't a bonding heat so he just wants the relief. And Chris is so turned on at the thought of Mick and Mason he can hardly stand it. Again, I say, what?

“Have you heard of this happening before?” Mick asked, the initial shock wearing off. He hated to admit it, but thinking over the implications of bonding with Mason, Mick wasn’t entirely sure he regretted it….”
“Sometimes established couples will bond with the same omega,” Mason said, adding, “but you and Chris aren’t a couple.”
Mick almost laughed. They might not have been having sex, but the relationship between him and Chris had been real.”

I'll admit that the sex is insanely hot, although one of the things I didn't particularly care for is the way the author wrote it when both alphas and Mason were involved. Sometimes it felt as if Mason was just a vessel to be used, even though he certainly didn't indicate feeling that way, and it's just my interpretation. Overall, this is a good story with an interesting plot and characters that aren't too complicated. If that's something you enjoy, then this might be a good read for you.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 60000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-May-2016
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