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Bound By Melody by Hunter Raines at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-August-2017

Book Blurb

Having just been evicted for what his landlord calls "immoral and unnatural carnal acts," Gilrain is forced to move into the first elf-friendly building he finds -- even if that means renting a basement apartment that has more in common with a cellar than a penthouse.


Still, a change of scenery is just what Gil needs. He's still not sure whether what he experienced the previous night was a dream or a real encounter. What he does know is that he woke with bruises, love bites, kiss-swollen lips... and an eviction notice on his door.


But when the first night in his new apartment brings strands of a spectral song drifting from beneath the ground straight into his bedroom, Gil realizes he'll find no rest here. He recognizes an elf binding when he feels one, but he won't be taken against his will.


So what will Gil do when he learns he's the only one who can grant a wounded elf a second chance... or condemn him to everlasting damnation?



First Edition published by Changeling Press, 2008.


Book Review

In the world of ‘Bound by Melody', elves have come out and humans have greeted some of them happily - the Faer elves are linked to nature and welcome - and others, the Helir elves, with fear and prejudice. Helir elves exude sexual energy due to their carnal magic, are manipulators, and full of mischief. This is the story of Gil, a Helir elf who denounced his baser nature and has spent over a century living among humans, trying to be like them and being “good” and well-behaved. But then he has an erotic dream and it all falls apart…

Gil has no idea what is behind the dark dream he is having, and when he gets evicted and has to accept a substandard apartment just for somewhere to live, his troubles have only just begun. As Gil finds out pretty quickly, another elf is behind his troubles.

Arion needs help, but is afraid to ask. He has suffered under Helir elves for two centuries, and he is not about to trust one – even if he needs him. It’s a pretty tough spot to be in, but I had trouble feeling sorry for Arion because he is pretty nasty in the beginning.

The battle is fought mostly in bed – literally – and though there are a few hints, neither elf suspects the outcome. I didn’t see the full consequences either! It was a nice little surprise and I enjoyed what happens after they figure things out a lot more than all of Arion’s attempts to subjugate and manipulate Gil. It was nice to see the two elves be just as hot together after the discovery of what is going on between them.

If you enjoy fae stories with a touch of magic, heat, and a major fight for dominance, if you like couples who start out as enemies, and if you’re looking for an entertaining story full of sexual escapades as the main characters battle it out, then you might like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 70 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-March-2017
Price $3.99 ebook
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