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Bound by Blood by Aaron Michaels at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Vampires / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 19-October-2012

Book Blurb

Mitch, a centuries-old vampire, gets more than he bargains for when he feeds off Patrick, a convenience store clerk who sells himself to vampires for the rush. Mitch may feed from a place far more intimate than a man's neck, but he's never felt a bond to any man. Not until Patrick.


Vampires can't feel love, or so rumor has it. If that's the case, why does Mitch find himself compelled to be with this one man?


Book Review

Vampires as pure predators are what most people probably thought they were before "Twilight" and other more romantic versions. Well, in this story the are back.

Mitch is a pure predator – except for the fact that he remembers being a human. The thing is that in hundreds of years and encountering lots of fear and rejection, he has closed himself off. He's also started to believe he doesn't deserve to be loved. It's an interesting problem: while he is now at the top of the food chain, so to speak, he is also very lonely and has no expectations of finding happiness. His shock at Patrick being interested in him as a man was quite real, and he definitely needs to get used to that thought.

Patrick is a human who enjoys feeding vampires, and he is surprised how different it feels when Mitch made sure he had some fun too. Apparently, not the average MO of the vampires Patrick has encountered so far. There is something unusual about Patrick's ability to remain conscious when Mitch feeds, and that was a nice touch.

If you like vampire stories, if the psychology of someone who has been alone for hundreds of years before he suddenly encounters someone who may like him despite of what he has become, and if you enjoy the "old school" predatory image of vampires, you may like this short story.



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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 26 pages/6900 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-October-2012
Price $2.49
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