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Blindside - Mark's Story (Blind Faith 3) by N.R. Walker

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 23-June-2013

Book Blurb

We met Mark Gattison in Blind Faith and Through These Eyes. He is Carter's best friend; loyal, funny, commitment-phobe.

Only this time, he's about to be blindsided by love.


Book Review

'Blindside' is the third book in the Blind Faith series by N.R. Walker which focuses on Mark Gattison, who has become my favorite character in the series. Mark is intelligent, witty, sarcastic, charming. He is also kind and nurturing and the best friend you could have; but when it comes to love, he's dumb as a rock. Mark has never had any use for love or commitment, so when his best friend, Will Parkinson, falls in love with him, Mark simply can't imagine himself being in love, so he doesn't see it. Unless he figures it out soon, he will lose Will forever.

Mark is definitely a character; he's outrageous, easy, forward, and hilarious. Under all the bluster, Mark has a heart of gold. Will is more than a friend to him, but Mark doesn't recognize the feelings as love. Although he and Will do all the things lovers do, except have sex, and Mark is happy as can be when with Will, makes small sacrifices the way people usually do for lovers (like go to a bad movie because your lover wants to), eats off his plate, and other intimate gestures, Mark remains oblivious to the meaning behind his actions. Even Mark's friends can see that there's something special between them, but Mark wholeheartedly denies it.

When Will becomes withdrawn and sad, because he's so frustrated with Mark's attitude, instead of even considering himself, Mark starts looking for other men that he thinks are good enough for him. Will has waited for a year for Mark to realize what is so obviously between them. He becomes so disheartened that he finally admits to Mark that he loves him, but can't stand being with him anymore, and asks Mark to leave him entirely alone. Mark is devastated, but still doesn't realize how much he loves Will and how he could possibly make things right. Mark is overwhelmed with guilt considering all he put Will through in his ignorance. He falls into a deep depression, can't get out of bed, can't eat, throws up, wants to sleep all the time, and has anxiety so bad that he can hardly breathe. Even with all this, Mark doesn't recognize this as heart sickness; he thinks he's dying. It takes his friends to explain to him that these are the signs of a broken heart and if his symptoms are this severe, he must love Will far more than he ever thought. Mark thinks all is lost, but with the help of a friend, finds a way to bridge the gap between him and Will.

This is a long, drawn-out, anxiety-ridden path for Mark and Will but so worth it in the end. It's a touching love story, but not with the usual fluff. It's serious and down to earth. It emphasizes the fact that we should never exclude possibilities in our lives. If we can imagine something, then we can make it real. Thanks, N.R., for the always welcome visit with Carter and Issac, and for the opportunity to see Mark and Will get their happy ending.





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