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Blind Space by Marie Sexton

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Pirates / Outer Space / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 22-March-2014

Book Blurb

Captain Tristan Kelley enjoys the luxuries of Regency service, as well as the pleasure of his Prince’s bed. It’s an easy life, if not a happy one. When the Prince decides to take a trip through the perilous Blind Space, Tristan must go with him, but somebody in the Prince’s guard is a traitor.

Blind and held prisoner, Tristan finds himself at the mercy of Valero, a pirate who bears no love for the Regency. Valero is determined to seduce Tristan, and Tristan fears his resolve won’t last. His duty is clear, but so is his desire. As the days tick by with no word or ransom from the Regency, Tristan begins to question what loyalty means to his Prince, the Regency he’s sworn to, and to the man who holds him captive. He begins to realize that being a prisoner may actually set him free.


Book Review

There are several reasons why I was attracted to this book, and they (plus some others) are also why I ended up liking it a lot. First: pirates. Need I say more? I have a certain fascination with them, be they the “traditional” seagoing kind or, in this case, the spacefaring variety. There is something daring about them, and I have always thought the morality of what they do lies in the eye of the beholder. This story proves exactly that point. Second: science fiction. One of my favorite genres, so anything set in space (that doesn’t sound too stupid when I read the blurb) will automatically attract my attention. Third: a captor who tries to seduce the man in his power rather than just take what he wants – I find that very sexy. So, all in all, I had many good reasons to read this story – and was not disappointed by the events unfolding right after the opening pages and initial introductions, all needed to understand the situation.

Tristan is a military man, one who likes to follow orders, and even though he doesn’t like having to “service” his prince whenever the man wants a bedwarmer, the rest of Tristan’s existence is pretty easy. Promoted to captain of the guard at a young age, he has never faced combat, and never really thought about loyalty and whether the masters he serves, the somewhat nebulous but clearly powerful “Regency”, are worthy of his devotion. He very quickly gets that opportunity when pirates board the ship he is on and take everyone prisoner. Not only does Tristan have to figure out where his loyalty should go, but whether the man who tries to seduce him, one of his captors, deserves more than a “no” very time he approaches Tristan with increasingly tempting offers. Tristan’s gradual awakening to reality was wonderful to watch, and I loved seeing him grow into the man he is at the end of the story. The conflict between what he was raised to believe and what he is experiencing on the pirates’ ship is significant, and it takes a lot of thinking ad courage for him to decide whom he will side with.

Valero may seem like just your ordinary space pirate at first glance, but the way he behaves, the way his men stand with him, and the back story that slowly unfolds as Tristan gets to know him made me think there is a lot more to him than I first suspected. And while they wait for the Regency to pay the ransom demanded by the pirates, I slowly grew to like and respect Valero as much as Tristan. Luckliy, Tristan did the same. Valero is an amazing man, and he deserves every ounce of loyalty his men, and ultimately Tristan, give him.

This story is action-packed and tense almost to the last page with a final scene that had me smiling. The play on words with the title referring to both the area of space the pirates operate in and the physical temporary blindness Tristan experiences is very clever too! If you like pirates of any kind, give this book a try. If you’re looking for a read full of emotion, treason, conflict, and strong men as well as those who are still working to reach their potential, this will be for you. And if you like your romance with a healthy helping of danger, tension, and lots of seduction and heat, then you will probably like this novella as much as I did.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 41546 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-January-2014
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