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Big Damn Heroines (Anthology) at Storm Moon Press

Genre Mixed Orientations / Contemporary / Menage MFF / Multiple Partners / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 20-August-2013

Book Blurb

Big Damn Heroines is a celebration of the plus-sized woman. Specifically, the plus-sized woman kicking ass. The media perception of the strong female protagonist is almost invariably thin, but powerful women come in all shapes and sizes, and it's time that they had a chance to stand up and be recognized. The four stories in this anthology show that bigger women can be more than comic relief or the dumpy best friend. They can be a force to be reckoned with all on their own.

"Machine Gun" Mercy is a member of the Valkyries, an all-female squad of Roughnecks patrolling the outer solar system. When a distress call comes in from the penal colony on Titan, Mercy and the Valkyries descend to confront the Terror on Saturn VI. Porter has followed the career of vigilante superhero Firebird with great interest, if only because Firebird is actually Blaise, once her dearest friend. Firebird seems to be self-destructing, though, and though Porter tries to ignore it, she finds herself drawn into the Folie à Deux, a shared madness that threatens to swallow them both. The widening Distance of Memory following the recent death of their fourth member has left surviving bondmates Zaezon, Margellian, and Corynteea lost and uncertain. But when they come across evidence of a band of Renders attacking villages, they must find their way together as three in order to complete their mission. Finally, Cat, a Finder gifted with the ability to locate objects and people with preternatural ease, is contacted by former lover Mirsagh to help track down a merchant's son. As they follow the man's trail, old feelings—good and bad—resurface, and Cat is faced with the choice to let Mirsagh be the Finder's Keeper again.


Book Review

There is a large woman in every one of these stories and she is often pivotal, potent, and adept at pleasuring. Is anyone surprised? I am not and quite pleased that substantial women get to be heroines, leaders, and passionate lovers.

Terror on Saturn VI

This story focuses on Mercy, a soldier recovering from a devastating leg wound and returned to service early to be with her platoon of large women for a critical mission. She partakes in the only sexual interlude with a fellow guy soldier. Nevertheless, this story clearly presents strong, large women more than capable for this difficult task. Edge of my seat exciting!

Folie à Deux

This story is a trip and a half times ten! I found my connection to reality sorely tested yet this seemed to really allow me to fold into the intricacies of this tale making it a top notch read. 

Porter is our large woman here and she has enough talents and chutzpah to make your head spin. She is apparently linked to Blaise who may be a superhero vigilante or the spawn of the Devil. There is such a deep connection between these two as to make it complicated to tell them apart although they are quite different physically. 

Deliciously interwoven between the psychic mind blasts is a precious love and loving relationship. This short story will be with me for a long time and I’m very pleased about that.

Distance of Memory

Our large woman in this tale is leader of a combat group from a ‘Central Command’ consisting of four people, two mated women and two mated men, possibly on a colonized Earth-like planet. One of the male mates has recently been killed.

All the members in the team have special powers to help fight for the health and welfare of their people from the blaggards know as Renders. That added a very special quality to this semi-mystical story. I really loved the amazing camaraderie and fascinating group bonding. This one was so different from the previous two. Captivating.

Finder’s Keepers

Cat is our large woman with a very special power. Mirsagh is a woman who always seems to have an angle. They have known each other since childhood. These two have just re-connected after fifteen years on yet another planet somewhere in our universe. 

This story has some brutal and harsh scenes, but it was a thrilling escapade with some very passionate lovemaking. The two females were spectacular in their own ways and though I would have liked to smack Mirsagh left right and sideways, she and Cat were magnificent.

This is really enjoyable!


Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Anthology/ 4 Short Stories, 61000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-July-2013
Price $5.99 ebook
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