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Better With Age by Beth Wylde at JMS Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 15-August-2013

Book Blurb

Olivia and Aleesha were best friends who fell in love, until discovery of their blossoming relationship by Olivia’s mother tore them apart. Now, almost twenty years later, Olivia and Aleesha accidentally find one another again. The chemistry between them is still there but twenty years is a long time for unrequited love to survive.

The decision they face is a tough one. Will their memories be enough to sustain them or should they risk it all and try again? Second chances are rare, but this story is proof they do happen and love really can get Better With Age.


Book Review

Oh my, this book so spoke to my heart. With moments of deliciously heated passion, it was as if the world finally righted itself. Toss in that remarkable love between a mother and her child along with adoring lovers and this book hits the jackpot for incredibly warm and good feelings. It wasn’t all roses and sunshine, though, as two types of brutal abandonment brought the harsh realities of our world front and center momentarily. They were appropriately squashed, put in their place, and left to grow moldy within memories' back corridors. At least I dearly hope they were.

Olivia Doss is a single mother who has devoted herself to her daughter, Felicity. Her daughter has noticed that she has never socialized while she was growing up and wasn’t sure why. Olivia, very much alone during Felicity’s early years, has nevertheless done quite well by her daughter. 

Aleesha was Olivia’s first and only love besides her precious relationship to her daughter Felicity. There was no place for Aleesha in Olivia’s parent’s eyes and the times were much less accepting of same-sex relationships. How positively serendipitous that Aleesha has moved back to the hometown they shared as young women and Olivia encounters her as the new owner of a favorite cake shop. The heat and sparkle just explode off the pages when these two are together. 

This book has way more feel-good moments than the few downer references to Olivia’s parents and the father of Felicity. Such enjoyment, happiness, and flavorful positive endings just filled my inner self to bursting. This book is on balance so laudatory and beautiful, I will read it again and again.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 42 pages/13454 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-August-2011
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