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Because of Jade (Vasquez & James 5) by Lou Sylvre at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 29-June-2014

Book Blurb

Luki Vasquez receives the news he’s still cancer free after five years, and he wants to celebrate with his whole family. He and his husband, Sonny James, take a road trip south, intending to gather at the home of his nephew Josh, Josh’s wife Ruthie, and Jade—a little girl who was still in the womb when she and her mother helped Luki beat lung cancer.

Halfway to their destination, Luki learns Josh and Ruthie have met a tragic death. The horrible news lays Luki low, but he pulls himself together in time to be the family’s rock and see to the dreaded business of tying up loose ends. The most important business is Jade, and when Luki and Sonny head home, they take Jade with them.

Luki and Sonny must combat self-doubt and fear and help each other learn to parent an unexpected child—and they must also nourish the love that has kept them whole for the past ten years. A relative’s spurious claim to Jade threatens the new family, and even if they prevail in court, they could lose their little girl unless they can rescue Jade from evil hands and true peril.


Book Review

It seems so difficult to believe that I'm already at book five in Lou Sylvre's 'Vasquez and James' series. It's been five years since Luki went into remission and he's still holding cancer free. I can't believe that Luki is fifty-one years old already. No matter. He and Sonny are still two of my most favorite characters and they continue to be insanely electric together. Of course, 'Because of Jade' is going to bring a whole new dimension into their world, something they never really contemplated. Fatherhood and the fears, worries, and all encompassing love that it entails.

Death is never pretty and it's never easy. The death of two incredibly loving parents and truly good people like Josh and Ruthie is more than sad. It's heartbreaking. They've left this incredible little five-year-old girl, Jade, to grow up and never really know her parents. It wasn't their fault. They certainly didn't choose it. It's still hard to watch even knowing that Jade is going home to live with Sonny and Luki. Out of all the wonderful things Josh and Ruthie did for Jade, the most important, the most vital thing that they did, was to ensure there was paperwork designating who they wanted to care for Jade in the event of their deaths. A priceless gift that eliminated a legal battle. Or so they thought.

Sonny and Luki knew that parenthood wasn't going to be easy. A minivan, really? But it was the things they didn't think of that sometimes brought them the most joy, love, and sorrow. First day of kindergarten. First school field trip. Being accused by another parent of inappropriate touching of a child. Laughter and giggles over hot chocolate at Grammy Margie's. Getting started on adoption proceedings only to have Ruthie's long lost sister climb out of the woodwork to file for adoption. That's not even the worst part because Luki, with the help of his amazing admin, Jude, found enough dirt on the judge to get custody granted to Sonny and Luki. Unfortunately, by then, the Jacobs had disappeared and taken Jade with them during their court appointed visit. Oh, hell.

'Because of Jade' is my favorite of the series, so far. I have no idea whether the author plans any more, but I think it would be a shame if I never got any new Sonny and Luki stories. This was such a great addition to the series and I loved watching the change Jade brought to Sonny and Luki's lives. Thank you, Lou, for this truly beautiful book.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 210 pages/69000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-May-2014
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