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Battle Axe by Carsen Taite at Bold Strokes Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by jj on 09-July-2013

Book Blurb

Bounty hunter Luca Bennett is back and so is a woman from her past, asking for favors. Unable to resist a woman in need, Luca barrels headlong into an intricate web of organized crime. Just when she thinks she’s found what she’s looking for, the stakes are raised and she learns she can trust no one.

While Luca tries to unravel the mystery related to her latest job, her personal life has its share of puzzles, from the enigmatic woman on the arm of her pal, police officer Jessica Chance, to a family reunion centered on an unlikely wedding. As her personal and professional lives collide, will Luca discover what she’s looking for is closer than she thinks?


Book Review

The complicated life of a dyke bounty hunter with her job, with her sex life, with her family, with the mob, with the Feds … gosh, you name it and she has complications there. However, I am now a big fan of Luca Bennett and how she handles all the curve balls that come her way in this second entry to the Mystery Series that carries her name. This second book is satisfying, substantial, and slick. Plus, it has heart and love coupled with Luca’s array of weapons and a bad-ass verbal repertoire. 

Luca likes to drink and gamble. Luca likes to collect her bounty so she can pay the rent, drink and gamble. Finally, Luca has a fascinating “buddy” who has saved her ass on many occasions and is the most constant woman in her world. She is affectionately called her ‘fuck buddy’. Even though I love Luca, I think she is a little fucked up and needs to see some kind of light.

Jess is a cop and that constant woman in Luca’s world. She is kind of a mystery and a tad confused about life, but she is a great cop and good friend. She deserves to find the right woman. She deserves to be loved. When Jess became less of a mystery, I loved her completely.

I cannot imagine anyone not having a great time riding shotgun through all of Luca’s escapades. The big picture definitely gets revealed which is always satisfying. I recommend hopping on Luca’s band wagon and having a blast.





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Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 240 pages/75030 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-May-2013
Price $9.99 ebook, $16.95 paperback
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