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Baptista (Resistant Omegas 11) by Joyee Flynn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Psychic Powers / Menage MMMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-February-2013

Book Blurb

Baptista just can’t seem to get a handle on things. Life sucked as an Omega but he knew what being one always meant… Until they came to the island and it seemed fate just wanted to blow his life and everything he knew all to hell.

Kelvin is one of the perks of this new life. They can be honest about what they feel for each other and explore it how they want. And then there’s Quilan, a man so intense Baptista is confused by, drawn to, and comes alive with him… All at the same time. He’s just afraid he’ll get burned. That leaves Meriel, who’s so shy that for once Baptista has to make the moves to seduce this gentle giant.

But when the drama isn’t over, more secrets are uncovered, and Baptista’s powers start spiraling out of control, will the men he wants stand by him?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

Book Review

Now that the bigger picture has been solved (for the moment), and the Omegas are settling into their new refuge, this next book can return to the task of showing us each Omega's individual story. Finally, it is Baptista's turn! He is the one who apparently owns the island, since his fathers left it to him. Not only does he now own an island, he'll have to find three mates, figure out how to deal with the fact he was kidnapped and his adoptive parents never told him, and decide how he is going to live his life. Not a small order. Add in everyone else's issues and the ever-present drama that seems to congregate around Omegas, and I knew I was in for a fun read.

Baptista is in for a bit of a rude awakening. He was shocked when he found out he was the heir to the island (in book 9), he is saddened by the fact he never got to meet his real fathers, and mad as hell at his adoptive parents for keeping everything from him. He also thinks he has found his three mates, but two of them leave him questioning if they really want him. Add another stunning discovery that puts the island and everyone into major danger if it gets out, and Baptista, who isn’t grounded yet, goes into overload. He also doesn’t know if he can ever trust anyone else ever again. Drama? Plenty of it to go around!

Kelvin is pretty level-headed, knew Baptista before they found out he was the owner of the Omega refuge, and wants nothing than to help his man settle down. Luckily, Quilan is there to help, and, as a security expert, can actually contribute his knowledge to making the island secure and his strength to making Baptista and the other two mates feel safe. Meriel is the fourth member of the mating, and he is just too cute! While he is physically strong, it is his intelligence that attracts Baptista (and the others), and he is super-nice on top of being smart. What a guy. I really liked him.

If you like adventurous discoveries and a story about making a somewhat fantastical island a home for all concerned, if you enjoy reading about four men trying to find a way they can all fit together while making their Omega finally feel safe, and if you want to know what's next for this ever-growing group of Omegas and their loved ones, you will probably like this book.



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Format ebook
Length Novella, 124 pages/40393 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-February-2013
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