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Art Theft 101 by Edward Kendrick at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 03-June-2015

Book Blurb

Vampire Philip Archer and his team of successful art thieves -- black panther shifter Duff, ghost Rob, and Duff's human girlfriend Liddy -- are asked by the handsome Ian Croft, a potential client, to break with tradition and rescue a kidnapped child. When the caper turns out rather differently than expected, Philip is bitterly reminded why he has remained single for so long. Yet, surrounded as he is by loving friends, he is not desperate. This is why, when he meets the newly-made vampire Ephram, he suppresses his attraction and focuses on being a mentor to the Fledgling.

Ephram was turned by Virgil Ionescu, an ancient vampire known for casting off his Children before they are ready. Living off the streets, Ephram's future is precarious until he meets Philip. Ephram is immediately attracted to Philip and only too happy to be taken under his wing and taught the skills of surviving in modern New Orleans.

But Philip keeps secrets. Ephram can sense it, but he can't penetrate the thousand-year-old Philip's reserve. What will Ephram do when he discovers the big secret his new group of friends are keeping from him? Will his love for Philip trump all, or will he betray them? And, to complicate matters, Ionescu arrives unexpectedly in town, coming to check on his Child.


Book Review

When I first read the blurb for this book, I thought a band of supernatural art thieves might be very entertaining. After all, there isn’t much that is safe from a vampire, a ghost, and a panther shifter who are determined to “acquire” certain pieces for their clients. But more than that, this band of thieves has a conscience—or “parameters” as they call their limits. They evaluate each potential job carefully, and will not steal from artists (who need to make a living) or museums (since their art belongs to the masses). Hilarious! This novel is an interesting mix between an action/adventure, a heist movie, and a supernatural love story. The characters are very quirky, and each theft is well thought-out and planned, using all the team’s members’ different talents. I found it very entertaining and well worth reading.
Philip is a thousand-year-old vampire who has not recently been lucky in love. His gallery (used as a front for the “thieving business”) is doing well, and he likes spending time with his friends and business partners, but he has not been lucky in matters of the heart. Ian is a particular disappointment, and Philip swears off love for a while. What he didn’t count on is fledgling vampire Ephram. The much younger man needs his help, and Philip is happy to give it. After all, or so he thinks, he is old enough to resist becoming more than friends. He definitely did not count on Ephram’s charms!

Ephram has an art degree, which I find hilarious considering the group he is joining. He is also very interested in Philip. But he has a problem: the vampire who turned him abandoned him to fend for himself, and there are many things Ephram simply doesn’t know. Philip is a great help, but Ephram is determined to convince Philip they can mean more to each other than that. His Sire’s unexpected visit, and an old ex may try to interfere, but Ephram is one determined young man!
If you like stories with more than a touch of the supernatural, if a band of art thieves with special talents sounds interesting, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with lots of adventure and a wonderful romance that turns quite hot in places, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 52163 words
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Publication Date 10-May-2015
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