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An Intoxicating Crush (Delectable 3) by EM Lynley at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 17-July-2013

Book Blurb

Simon Ford's success is hard-won. He grew up in Napa and resents the rich people who have moved into the valley, changing the culture by opening boutique wineries and pricing the locals out of the market.

Austin Kelvin runs an award-winning winery his father started after making a fortune on Wall Street. He lives the posh lifestyle Simon resents but secretly longs to attain. However, Austin's world isn't as luxurious and privileged as it seems: he didn’t inherit his father’s business savvy, and his winery is going under.

When Simon’s boss sends him to covertly scope out Kelvin Cellars for a possible takeover bid, Simon sees it as a step toward attaining his financial dreams. Until he falls hard for Austin. The feeling is mutual, but when Austin learns the real reason for Simon's initial interest, he suspects Simon’s seduction is merely a means to procure the winery at a bargain price. If there’s any hope of winning Austin’s heart, Simon will have to risk it all to prove Austin is more than just an intoxicating crush.

Like all Delectable novels, this book includes the recipes used in the story.

Book Review

When Fate decides that two people belong together, it doesn't necessarily mean that things will go smoothly. In 'An Intoxicating Crush' by EM Lynley, Simon Ford and Austin Kelvin learn this in spades. At first, things seem great, but when outside influences and secrets kept, explode into the forefront, both men learn a hard lesson in expressing their feelings and being honest in spite of their injured pride.

Austin has a passion for wine and the ambition and drive to make the winery he inherited from his father successful. He's a hard worker who often puts the winery before his well-being and he's lonely. He meets Simon and feels a connection with him right away. Austin is a very open person who wants to believe only the good in people. When he and Simon get together, he quickly falls in love. It's especially nice that he and Simon have a lot in common; it gives him someone he can share his interests with. When it looks like Simon has betrayed him, his anguish is palpable. He's angry and broken-hearted and rejects Simon. Austin is stubborn and, even though he's in trouble financially, won't ask his father to help him. Austin doesn't want his father to see how bad things actually are. He really wants to be successful like his dad, but is not as gifted in the business end of things. When his father approaches him offering help, Austin begins to see things in a different light.

Simon is a hard worker like Austin, from a lower class family, who has had to struggle to get where he is. He's grown up to resent rich people like Austin, who he assumes present a better-than-thou attitude; but, Austin quickly dispels that myth by being down to earth, humble, and hard working. Simon wears a suit and works in a financial office where Austin wears jeans and works outside with his hands. Simon gains Austin's trust and he confides in Simon about the winery being in financial trouble. Since that is Simon's expertise, he gladly gives Austin advice. Unfortunately, Simon's boss totally misleads him, goes behind his back, and uses his relationship with Austin to plan a takeover of Kelvin Winery. Simon is as shocked as Austin is when it comes to light and it leaves both men are left broken-hearted and disillusioned.

This book certainly was delectable, food-wise and drink-wise and very enlightening in methods of wine making. It was easier to like Austin since he's so open and enthusiastic; Simon was harder to like, his emotions not as obvious, but he certainly redeemed himself in the end. Together, they made sparks fly, especially in bed, but as companions as well. The contrasts in the book are good too, i.e., Simon and Austin, Austin and his brother, and Austin and his father. There were some surprising twists in the plot which made it more intriguing. It's a story which reminds us that good communication is the key to any successful endeavor.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good food and drink, has an interest in wineries, and loves a happy ending. Thanks, EM, for the education about wine and food and for introducing us to Austin and Simon.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 234 pages/83558 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-July-2013
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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