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Amelia's Revolution 1 by Kim Flowers at JMS Books

Genre Lesbian / Steampunk / Young Adult / Interracial / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 11-August-2013

Book Blurb

Amelia and her father, the governor of Delaware, attend a formal dinner to meet with a delegate for Queen Victoria who declares the United States must sign a treaty with Britain to reinstate colonial rule or there will be war. Amelia runs away to warn the rest of the town, but not before she sees the most beautiful girl on earth. To Amelia’s horror, the beautiful girl -- Nadine -- is one of the British delegate’s slaves.

In this steampunk version of history, slavery had been abolished after the American Revolution. Automatons do the manual labor, and the nation's multiple cultures live in harmony. But in Britain there are still slaves, and gender-queer people are persecuted. Amelia knows she can’t allow any treaty with Britain to be signed. She sneaks to the harbor of their coastal capital city and discovers not only the delegate’s ship, but an armada on the horizon.

Amelia, her best friend Two-Spirit, and Nadine must organize a rebellion involving slaves, Lenni-Lenape warriors, automatons, and a mechanical horse cavalry. Will they be able to stop the British Imperial Navy? And will Amelia win Nadine’s heart if she can help her become free?

Book Review

This is a very short book that does a marvelous preparation for what I hope are many follow-ups in the future as rather hidden book one notation indicates. There is a fantastic blending of historical and futuristic elements circling around the American Colonies break from Great Britain and the need to stay separate. However, one should be open to this historical rendering that isn’t a match for what we learned in school.

Amelia Corn is the governor’s daughter yet she is considerably more comfortable dressed as a gent or decked out for battle. She has the heart of a warrior, the skills to match, and a beautiful and passionate heart.    

Nadine Pickett is a bonded servant to the queen’s emissary and probably of African ancestry. She is unaware how she has caught the eye of the governor’s daughter. However, she quickly assesses the need to believe Amelia and to spearhead an alliance.

This is a marvelous story with tremendous energy within its limited pages. It packs an amazing amount of action and intensity. A brilliant collaboration between Native Americans and the independent colonists puts forth a much more forceful and forward looking alliance as they fight shoulder to shoulder to eliminate the threat from Great Britain before it has a chance to take hold. I truly hope the many sequels that are gently intimated follow very soon.    





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 5052 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-December-2012
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