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Alpha Shaman (Bad Oak Boys 2) by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-February-2016

Book Blurb

The world isn’t ready for a rock star werewolf, but Josh Oakley can’t stop biology. When his brother sends sexy wolf shaman Gerwulf to help him, instinct is too mild a word for how he feels. Gerwulf calls to his animal in a way that defies logic. 

Gerwulf knows Josh is his mate the moment they meet, but he doesn’t like guys and he doesn’t intend to bond with anyone. He’ll help the musician control his wolf, but getting too close isn’t his intention. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do with a man in his bed. 

Of course, shifters can’t dodge fate—a crisis forces Josh and Gerwulf to accept their connection just in time to save Forst Pack from an old enemy. When biology ties them together beyond even a mating bond, will they be able to move past their fear and into a future that holds more than they ever expected?

Book Review

"The longer he stood there, the more agitated his wolf became. Josh didn’t feel like just another pack member. He felt like the other half of his soul. Which, shit. That’s bad. Very, very bad."

As I mentioned at the end of my review for 'Rock Star Baby', I jumped immediately into this second book in a series I'm finding fascinating. I liked Josh so much as Ryan's little brother, and I couldn't wait to see how much havoc he was going to bring to Gerwulf's new, peaceful Shaman-Heir lifestyle. *cackles*

Josh and the guys are doing a tour without Ryan, as he's at home with his son, Fenris, and his mate. It's a good thing for Josh to be the frontman and show everyone what he's capable of. Unfortunately, Josh's dormant shifter genes are coming to the forefront, and they mostly have to do with Gerwulf, his mate. Gerwulf has spent the past three years training and living in seclusion with the pack's Alpha-Shaman, trying desperately to prove to the pack that he regrets being that obnoxious, arrogant jerk he used to be. Gerwulf can't exactly explain that most of that attitude came from how he was raised, so instead he's trying to work on being a better person. Now, if he can just let his past and the fear he carries from it go, he'll be much better off.

“Look. We’re mated. You made the choice to accept me. To accept your position in Forst Pack. It’s all good. Don’t let your past destroy what you’ve created.” He paused. “What we’ve created together.”

'Alpha Shaman' was so exciting and incredibly fascinating. The Forst pack was being targeted by a very old enemy, one Ralf, the Alpha-Shaman, thought long gone. Instead, she returned and took Ralf's life, leaving Gerwulf unprepared for his new role as Shaman. To defeat this threat it took all of Josh and Gerwulf's combined abilities as Beta and Shaman, respectively, to defeat this witch on the psychic and physical plane, rescuing many of her victims in the end.

It's definite. I'm totally, 100 percent hooked on the 'Bad Oak Boys' series. Josh and Gerwulf were fabulous together, and again, I'm really enjoying the way the author is writing the mpreg portions of the stories. Definitely the most realistic of any in this trope that I have read so far. I can't wait to jump into Silas's story next.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 56260 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-December-2015
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