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All Creatures Great and Small (2017 Advent Calendar - Stocking Stuffers) by Kasper Quill at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-December-2017

Book Blurb

Growing up an orphan meant Charlie never celebrated Christmas. He’s committed to making sure his newly adopted cat, Max, doesn’t miss out like he did. Unfortunately, he discovers that giving Max the perfect Christmas might be easier said than done—and not without risk.


Charlie’s landlord, successful and wealthy real estate developer Aemon Scotfield, is charmed by the gorgeous redhead and his shameless alley cat. He finds himself compelled to help orchestrate a memorable celebration for Max—and Charlie—despite the mishaps that seem to just keep coming. As difficult as it will be to pull off the perfect holiday, the real challenge might be walking away when it’s over.



A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2017 Advent Calendar "Stocking Stuffers."

Book Review

I’m an animal lover right down to my bones so when I read the description for ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ I couldn’t help but be touched by Charlie wanting to give his cat, Max, a wonderful holiday even though Charlie really had no idea what that was due to his own upbringing in foster homes. The thought of this young man wanting to shower so much love on his cat made me feel the warm glow of the season.

On his bike ride home from work one afternoon, in an attempt to miss the creature that darts out under his front tire, Charlie ends up going a** over teakettle. While he’s lying there trying to figure out what hurts, he meets a gorgeous man who talks like a ponce - Charlie’s word, not mine. Regardless, as Charlie slowly makes his way home, the ragged cat, missing a tail, with a torn ear, and a scar on his face, follows him home. Charlie figures he’ll give it a trial run and see how getting out of his comfort zone feels. He names the cat Max, in honor of Mad Max, because that’s how bad the cat fights him that first night when Charlie gives him a bath.

On the next evening’s ride home Charlie decides to get a tree so he and Max can have a real Christmas just like a real family. Of course, Charlie lives on the third floor, he barely makes it home walking his bike while the tree “rides” it, and now he has to figure out how to get the tree up the twisty stairs. That’s how he meets the ponce, Aemon, a second time. Aemon owns Charlie’s building and he’s there to pick up Charlie’s pet deposit check. Let’s just say their second meeting is just as rousing as the first.

“It may have been presumptuous of me, but I hazard to guess that you know nothing of maintaining a Christmas tree.”
“You’re correct. It was very presumptuous of you. I’m caring for my tree just fine, and I’m not going to burn your damn building down! See!” I grabbed the spray bottle off the counter and furiously began spraying the Douglas fir leaning precariously against the wall. That would show him just how well I was taking care of my tree!
I looked over to glare at Aemon and was surprised to see the corner of his mouth quirking up as if trying not to grin.”

Oh Charlie. What you did at the pet store has you forever hold a place in my heart. Not so sure what Max will think, however. The third time Charlie and Aemon come together (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter) is another animal versus human altercation of which I laughed out loud. In fact, the author’s epilogue had me howling in glee because I could see it all and it was purrfect.

A fabulous addition to this year’s Advent Calendar and I’d love to have more. Please.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 34 pages/11574 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-December-2017
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