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Aliens, Smith and Jones (The Primrose Files 1) by Blaine D. Arden at Cayendi Press

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Aliens / Future Earth / Interspecies / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 01-October-2018

Book Blurb

“It’s not all about serving coffee and typing reports.”

Working for a secret organisation specialising in alien cover-ups, Connor Smith is no stranger to the abnormal or dangerous. His love life on the other hand… not so exciting. Until he reluctantly agrees to a blind date and meets the perfect bloke, Jason.

Things are finally falling into place for Connor, so of course that’s when he attracts an alien stalker.

Noah Jones, ex-alien, has been stranded on Earth and forced to live as a human since 1648. Alone and detached from the world around him, Noah has spent centuries observing and recording humankind. In all that time, he’s only experienced a connection with a human once… until he finds Connor.

Even knowing Connor is in a relationship, Noah can’t ignore their potential bond, or stay away.

While dealing with missing alien artefacts, a dangerous and shadowy group of collectors, and the ever-present Noah, Connor finds his orderly life crumbling around him. At least he still has the perfect boyfriend…

When Noah goes missing, Connor is forced to face the feelings growing between them and the mounting evidence that Jason isn’t who he says he is...


First edition published by Storm Moon Press, July 2012.


Book Review

A secret government agency à la James Bond. A mission to discover, neutralize, or fight aliens on Earth with a distinct Men-in-Black flavor. And a set of characters in a pretty unique world with lots of surprises, special features, and a touching interspecies romance with more than one obstacle. All of these ingredients and more are part of an exciting action/adventure that had me leaning back to enjoy this futuristic story with all its twists and turns. Based on this first book, I think that ‘The Primrose Files’ – see an explanation of how this agency came to exist – is a very promising series for anyone who likes tongue-in-cheek science fiction with a healthy dose of mystery and suspense.

Connor is a secret agent, nominally a personal assistant, but as he puts it: “It’s not all about serving coffee and typing reports.” In fact, as it turns out, those activities only happen at the periphery and mostly on the (very few) normal days at the office of which there are very few. More often than not, Connor finds himself hunting all kinds of aliens, researching alien artifacts, and trying to understand the strange, disorienting sensations that begin once Noah makes an appearance in his life.

Noah’s description as an “ex-alien” made me wonder what the author meant when I first read it, but it’s a very accurate explanation of what happened to him when he first stranded here in 1648. Noah is part of a very imaginative and unusual alien species, but I am not going to say more because I don’t want to spoil the surprise that much of this plot centers around. I loved his admiration for books and stories (how could I not, being addicted myself?) and his gentle nature and curiosity had me hoping he’d be okay. Not that he has an easy time of it once Primrose discovers who and what he is!

Connor and Noah do not hit it off right from the start. There are numerous obstacles, one of which is Connor’s new boyfriend. But the bond is stronger than either of them expects, Jason is not quite who he says he is, and a strange group of “collectors” of all things alien messes up everything when they abduct Noah. Connor certainly has his hands full, and both men need to figure out what their relationship is going to be – not that they have much choice. But sometimes the “inevitable” is what human (and ex-aliens) struggle with more than anything, and Connor and Noah’s emotional tussle is the backbone of this story.

If you like science fiction stories that focus on defining what it is to be human, if a dose of humor and some larger-than-life action is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read with lots of excitement, surprises, suspense and a great love story, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 236 pages/73900 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-October-2018
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