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Alexios' Fate (Apollo's Men 1) by Kayla Jameth at Breathless Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Ancient Europe / Gods/Godesses / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 25-January-2015

Book Blurb

Mature King Lykos has a sexy confidence that turns Alexios' head. Seduced by Lykos, Prince Alexios discovers a world of men he's never known before.

Meanwhile his slave Galen has gotten tired of waiting in the wings. He sets out to woo Alexios and win his heart.

Even Apollo can't leave Alexios alone. The young prince finds himself pursued by a god and in danger of a perilous love.

How will Alexios follow his heart when he unwittingly wins the favor of a god? Can Alexios escape the fate of Apollo's past lovers and have the man he wants?


Book Review

Alexios is a young prince in Ancient Greece who has reached his eighteenth birthday and is now considered a man. Instead of his ceremony to celebrate his coming-of-age being a social occasion, his father, the king, makes it into a media circus of sorts. He's invited four neighboring kings, under the pretense of celebrating with them, to join in the happy occasion. He has also told Alexios that one of them will be either his mentor only, or his mentor and his father-in-law. The king intends to arrange a contract for marriage in order to forge an alliance with one of the kings. Alexios isn't happy about the marriage contract since matrimony is supposed to happen several years from now. He wonders why his father is so anxious to make this contract, but as a dutiful son, and heir to the throne, he obediently acquiesces, hoping for the best.

Alexios is a typical young man ready to prove himself. He is looking forward to having a mentor and speculates on all that will involve. He is just beginning to realize his strong affinity for men and is fascinated by how different being with a man is from the girls he's been with. When he meets King Lykos, Alexios is sexually attracted to him and the feeling is obviously mutual. Alexios is confused and dismayed at the strong reaction this interest causes in his father who warns him to stay away from Lykos. Alexios goes back to his room where his slave, Galen, is waiting and, for the first time, he notices Galen's interest in him and they end up in bed. Alexios and Gaylen soon realize that what they have together is more than a passing fancy; it's love, deep and abiding. Alexios claims Galen for his own telling him that he's not to be with any other man; Galen readily agrees. He's been in love with Alexios for a long time.

The god Apollo notices Alexios and is impressed not only with his beauty, but his kindness and consideration as well. Apollo sees that they are in love and finds it very endearing;he decides to plan a great life for Alexios and Galen. Unfortunately, this plan is waylaid when Alexios's father, in a drunken state, proclaims to King Lycos: “You may be taking Cyrus to Delphi, but Alexios will grow to be wiser and more handsome than even Apollo’s son!” With these ill-fated words, the king commits the sin of hubris, which, to the Gods, is unforgivable and demands swift and severe punishment. For atonement for his father's sin, Apollo claims Alexios' life, ordering him to be brought to a certain place on the next day, to die. Apollo is greatly distressed by this turn of events and is determined to find a way to save them, yet still maintain the veracity of his seer's prophesy; and, more often than not, what Apollo wants, Apollo gets.

Ancient Greece was a fascinating place and Kayla has captured its essence with preciseness. Her detailed depiction of every-day life of the citizens of Greece, including their culture, religion, and celebrations fascinated me. I felt as though I was actually there among the towering buildings, street markets, and temples. I am fairly well-versed in Greek mythology and history, which helped me follow the story more easily; but even if you weren't a student of Ancient Greece and the Greek gods, it won't be too difficult to follow. The most enjoyable part of the story for me was Alexios and Galen's sweet, passionate love for each other, particularly in contrast to the harshness of the times they lived in. I recommend this story to those who are interested in Greek history, mythology, and hot, sexy naked Greek men. Thanks, Kayla, for the journey to the past.





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Length Novella, 179 pages
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Publication Date 13-April-2012
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