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Alex in Wonderland by Jessica Freely at Etopia Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 02-May-2013

Book Blurb

What can go wrong in a sex club? Plenty.

Fresh out of a sexless relationship with a manipulative, two-timing boyfriend, Alex enters the notorious sex club, Wonderland, looking for action. But between the dungeon of dubious Doms, the malfunctioning steam room, and the “alien” go-go boy with glow-in-the-dark everything, it’s beginning to look like Alex will never get laid again. Then a mysterious masked man gives Alex the dance of his life—and more—only to disappear without a trace.

Try as he might, Alex can’t find the man who swept him off his feet. But when the night is through, and the masks are cast aside, Alex makes a startling discovery. What he’s been looking for all night, and maybe all his life, might be the biggest and best surprise of the night.


Book Review

Sometimes getting what you really want can be extremely difficult, even if, as in Alex's case, it is something as deceptively simple as getting laid. And while it may seem like a sudden urge at first, once it becomes clearer what has been going on in his life, and exactly how his boyfriend cheated on him, I could totally relate to the urgency he felt.

Alex has been thoroughly cheated by a traitorous boyfriend, and he is ready for an adventure. The sex club Wonderland is just what he's been looking for, but none of what is offered there seems to work for him. He wanders around a bit aimlessly, which makes sense, considering he hasn't had sex in 3 years and has to find his feet again, so to speak. Two mysterious encounters offer a hint of what he really needs, but it takes him a while to figure it out.

Beyond the message of hope for better days in this story, the way it has been written is really clever. I think it is fascinating how even the style reflected Alex's depressed state in the beginning, with everything pretty much one-dimensional and flat, and Alex practically scared of is own shadow. As the story develops and Alex finds his feet, the descriptions grow more passionate, the emotions more intense. And when he's found what he's looking for? It all blossoms into sweetness and love. Very well done!

If you like books with a message, if you enjoy reading about a man emerging from darkness to find new love, and if you're looking for a kinky, hot read, you may like this shot story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 11532 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-April-2013
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