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Aaron's Wait (Elliott Smith 2) by Dorien Grey at Zumaya Boundless

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 30-June-2013

Book Blurb

Elliott Smith's latest restoration project is a beautiful old six-unit apartment building.

Unfortunately for Elliott, he discovers that Aaron Stiles, one of the tenants, has been dead for four years and doesn't know it. His partner, Bill Somers, left for work one morning and never returned. Devastated to think that Bill might have left him. Aaron suffered a heart attack and died.

But he is still waiting for Bill to come home, and unless Elliott can convince him otherwise, he's not going anywhere until that happens-or until Elliott can figure out which of the people most interested in seeing Bill dead killed him.


Book Review

In 'Aaron's Wait', the second book in the Elliot Smith Mysteries, by Dorien Grey, Elliot's partner Steve finds a house he knows Elliot will love and want to renovate. What they didn't know they would find there is a ghost, Aaron, who won't leave because he is waiting for his lover to return. In order to help Aaron with his unresolved issues, Elliott, with his own ghostly assistant, John's, help, becomes embroiled in another unsolved mystery.

Elliott says he doesn't want to be a detective, but I have my doubts. He is getting very good at the business of sleuthing. Now that he believes and, in fact, depends upon otherwordly help, he doesn't discount any information he receives from his observations or John's. Elliott is still hesitant to involve Steve in his detective work, even though he knows that Steve is also sensitive to things that most people can't perceive; but Elliott is used to working alone. I think he knows that he loves Steve, but he's hesitant to need anyone or to let them that far into his heart and mind. It's too uncomfortable for Elliott to have to rely on anyone else. This is one reason it's taking him so long to accept John's existence. He doesn't mind his help but detests the way John can get into his head and read his thoughts. John knows this and tries to respect Elliott's feelings about it. Elliott also withholds information from his brother-in-law, Brad the police officer, for fear of him thinking he's insane; but as time goes on, Brad realizes that Elliot is getting his clues from some special source, gives up, and calls them hunches rather than pursue it further. With a warning from him to be careful, Brad accepts Elliott's hard work because it helps him solve cases and that's more important than knowing where the clues come from.

John continues to improve in his development as a disembodied spirit. He and Elliott have an ever better rapport and a mutual respect. Many of their conversations are laced with wit and humor which gives them a sense of levity that accompanies the serious information they discuss. John is also better at making his presence known during Elliott's waking hours which is an important development. When John is there, Elliott knows he will get important feedback later. Aaron, the spirit living in Elliott's new project, is a challenge for John. Even though he's technically an older spirit, Aaron has been so wrapped up in his grief about his lover that he's not been able to evolve properly. He's a whirling mass of confusion, heartache, and grief. The only way he can communicate with the living is through a technique called knocking. He makes rapping sounds on doors, walls, wherever when he's trying to make his presence known, and although effective in announcing himself, it doesn't help convey any other message. When Aaron becomes more oriented, he begins to give John clearer important facts; John conveys to Elliot who pursues them. Aaron also begins to take a more active role by trying to contact Steve and Elliot which does more harm than good. With some negotiation, John convinces him not to actively participate.

I simply love this mystery/suspense/love story series. The paranormal element gives it a special refinement which is engrossing and unique. As I traversed the hints, clues, and deliberately misleading information, it's not just the perplexity which caught my interest, but the amazingly real characters, each bringing their unique personalities into the plot. I especially love Elliott's sister and family who are exceptionally endearing and, of course, Elliott who constantly downplays his involvement and success, as well as Steve who has to be one of the kindest, most down-to-earth lovers anyone could have. They are so good for each other because they each bring a special kind balance to the relationship. Their interactions might seem restrained, but they are deep and meaningful, and apparently steamy in bed.

If you'd like to read an exciting mystery which is also so much more, then 'Aaron Waits' may be a book you will enjoy. Thank you, Mr. Grey, for the excitement and suspense and for also introducing me to Elliott, Steve, and John. I look forward to reading more about them in the near future.





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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 248 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-July-2009
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